Normandy & Pagedale students feed homeless

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A group of high school students from Pagedale and Normandy are getting recognition. For several weeks, they've been spending their own money to buy food, and then making sandwiches to take downtown to feed the homeless.

They've been doing it all on their own for nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing they're doing something good in their community.


  • Gina

    What an awesome story….this should be front page new. Something good todays young peolpe are doing. A more in depth story on the individuals would have been awesome to read and help propel these students to be role models! :)

  • Eboni

    We were not students everyone there has been out of High School for over 10 years . More so people who wanted to help their community and remain doing positive things

  • danielle

    Thanks Gina and Steven! Although we are not kids and nor are we from Normandy or Pagedale, we only do this to help the needy, not for recognition. It was greatly appreciated that they did take the time to put us out there, hopefully this will encourage others. I’m pretty sure every story cannot be covered, but we are happy that there are kids that take the time to give back.

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