Teen fighting rule against parking pickups in driveway overnight

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WILDWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- A teen bought his dream car, which happens to be a 1965 Ford pickup. Now, he has parking problems.

Matt Perry worked two jobs and saved the money to buy the two toned pickup from his neighbor.

Perry says he didn't realize when he bought the truck that Valley View Subdivision where he lives has a rule against parking pickups in the driveway overnight.

Perry says he would park the truck in the garage, but that's where his parents park their vehicles.

Now, he could be fined by the homeowners association for violating the subdivision's bylaws.

Perry can change the rule if he collects 130 signatures from homeowners in favor of doing so.

The issue is getting attention on Facebook from supporters who have launched a campaign called Save Matt's Truck.


  • Adama

    HOA’s are a waste of time and just give a sense of entitlement to a few individuals. They do not maintain the integrity of a community and should be outlawed.

  • Mike


    This kid works two jobs and buys his own car, and the neighbors want to give him grief?

    This case is an example of the absurdity of HOAs.

    I’d love to have that truck in my driveway!

  • Maverick

    coming from an 18 year old with a classic Ford truck, i stand by this kid 100%. There is no reason he shouldn’t be able to park his truck in his own driveway. No, I have never had to deal with the HOA, but he still shouldn’t have to suffer for this. It always seems like people want to pick on teenagers with classic vehicles, and that isn’t fair to us. Also its not like his truck is a rust bucket or an eyesore. This is a sure sign of communism.

  • Meredith Conway

    That is such a stupid law and I agree that you should be able to park tucks in your driveway… Hell, i am a redneck! But, his parents bought a house in that neighborhood. I am sure they were aware of the home owners association and their laws when passing papers on the house and agreed to them when they signed them. I agree it’s friggin ridiculous. and that’s why I would never live there or associate with those types of people. Sorry Buddy, I dont see you winning this fight.

  • Terry.

    I’m curious, why does the law state that pickup trucks can’t be parked in the driveway, surely that’s discriminating to pickup owners??.

    So correct me if I’m wrong, if this hard working kid owned a Prius he would receive no complaints???.

    Seriously I have NEVER heard of such absurdity in my life.

    • Jeff Emge

      The idea is that minority groups can come with trucks and cut our grass, and paint our houses, but surely they are not of standard to live in our neighborhood. Which is WRONG, and discriminatory. They say that the truck brings down property values in the neighborhood, but instead it limits potential homeowners ONLY to people who have “passenger vehicles”.

    • Greg

      Usually the ruling is against Commercial Work Vehicles or Trucks that have company names, advertisements, phone numbers, etc.. on the exterior. And it is in reference to parking on the street, not a driveway.

      Unfortunately a truck is licensed as a commercial vehicle, not a personal vehicle tag, like a car.

      BTW…Sweet Ride Matt.

  • CatRescuer1

    It’s a very stupid rule, yes, but since his parents bought a house there and allowed him to buy a truck, it’s on them to give up one of their parking spaces in the garage to him. I’d rather see them get the signatures, though, so the kid can use the driveway.

    • Austin Range

      Only issue, it’s not on an AV plate. An HOA agreement can supersede a city regulation unless they specifically make an exemption clause, also some subdivisions the HOA owns the roads so city has no say in their use as they are private property.

  • Jeremy

    I’d park it in the yard then. I bet the law states that no CARS can be parked in the yard, but probably says nothing about pickups since they aren’t allowed anyways. If it were my neighborhood I’d give the HOA all kinds of grief.

    • Bre

      Actually my brother got ticketed for parking his car half way on the driveway and half way in the yard he did this so we could be able to come and go without any inconvience of moving the cars around all the time–never doing that again. Best of luck to you Matt you have my support 100%

  • Droopy

    The kid should find the nastiest POS car he can, spray paint it an obnoxious color, and park it in the driveway.

  • Smith

    So your telling me that no other home owner has a truck, in this whole subdivision? No brand new F-150’s dodge rams Chevy 1500 to pull possibly boats or four wheeler trailers or anything with? I just don’t see that being a possibility. I agree with one of the other comments buy a pos and spray bomb it a ugly color with some free hand racing strips in another ugly color and call it a good day. If the parents bought the house 16 years ago I’m sure they may have seenthe law if it were there then but it would not have struck then as a red flag that in 16 years out son will be buying a truck.

  • Tim Bski

    Many HOAs including mine in MD are a bunch of power-hungry fascists. My HOA forbids commercial vehicles (i.e. – company logos), taxis, semis, etc., but I am not aware of any prohibition on pickups. A friend had bought an old limo, and had it titled as a private passenger car (not being used as a vehicle for hire). The HOA tried to fine him. He fought it and won! Then he moved shortly thereafter. Guess he was tired of their BS! Good luck Matt!

  • Sue DuClos

    HOA’s are written by the builder, who upon completion of the subdivision, turns over the ‘crappy’ common ground he could not build on for the residents to maintain (cut grass, remove/trim trees, etc). A lot of the subdivision rules are supersceded by local ordinances. Our subdivision, company vehicles must be parked in the driveway, not on the street.

  • michael

    the person that mention Todd Akins and Ann Wagoner lives, don’t forget you have democrats that live in that area also. One of the comments mentions something about other may have pick up to pull trailers for four wheelers, boats and other fun toys, they (trailers) are probably not allowed to set on the driverway either. People need to stop and think about the garage door is not big enough for some pick ups to get thru. You think parking is bad some HOA’s, you try to get permission to put a garden in or plant or cut a tree down.

  • Tim Bski

    There are limits to what HOAs can do. For example they cannot enact rules that would require residents to give up their Constitutional rights. That is just an example. Not implying that parking a pickup truck in the driveway is a Constituional right. But just like civil laws, HOA rules need to have some rational basis/justification. It is apparent that someone believes that all pickup trucks are eyesores. Like others have suggested, everyone who opposes this insane rule should buy a beat up bashed up hoopty/clunker and park them in their driveways as a form of protest!

  • justinohms

    Good lessons. Life is not always fair. The rules do not always make sense. If you want to change the rules, gather support and change the rules.

  • Dawn Michelle

    jeffco blvd in arnold, mo.. only allowed to park on one side of the street; people park facing either way for years and years, I never knew it was a rule to park facing a certain way until one day the cops decide to hand out tickets on that day out of a million others. 50 bucks worth a ticket.

  • Expresssrt

    It’s amazing how the media can shape people’s opinions.

    This HOA (5 young folks serving a 2 year volunteer term) , who everyone here is slamming, actually sent out two letters to all the homeowners ON MATT’s BEHALF urging them to vote IN FAVOR of having the rule changed. A rule that has been on the books for a long time.

    As a result of the HOA fighting his battle, he has 86 “yes” votes and 50 “no” so he ONLY needs 44 more to get the rule changed!

    He can go around the neighborhood to get the additional 44 votes he needs but would rather be on TV instead making everyone out to be against him.

    He has been breaking the rule for over a year and HAS NOT BEEN FINED!

    Where was this reported??? Don’t believe everything you read in the news see/hear on TV or read on the Web. It’s ALL biased!

    • J.E.

      He’s on TV because it’s such an absurd rule he shouldn’t have to spend any time dealing with it. You people running that HOA should be ashamed of yourselves picking on this young man for something so ridiculous. Quit making excuses and fix the rule.

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