271 ticketed at University of Illinois unofficial St. Patrick’s Day party

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) – Champaign area authorities say they issued more than 270 tickets during last week’s Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.

The Champaign News-Gazette reports the 271 orders to appear in court were issued during the festivities, most of them for underage drinking or public possession of alcohol. Nearly 30 people were taken to the hospital in ambulances and 15 people were taken to the county jail during the annual event that drew thousands of students for a day of drinking.

This year, the city limited bar hours during Friday’s celebration as well as how much alcohol could be sold near campus. They also limited the entry age for people to get into bars, which they have done in previous years.

Information from: The News-Gazette


  • Bob

    Maybe they need a ticket for not looking at the calendar to see that St. Patricks day is closer to this weekend than last. Its like celebrating New Year’s on December 20.

  • Adama

    what it all boils down to is there was no tax revenue from this “unofficial” party. No over priced beers, no overpriced parking and no crowd control that resulted in hundreds more tickets and fines.

  • J.c. Reppert

    Commending Law Enforcement & the city for their efforts to protect the public & the Partyers during this “unofficial” party. With at least 30 transported to hospitals seems this could still be considered out of control. Imagine the phone calls these parents got-it certainly wasn’t a party for them. As for those who have charges against them-they made a CHOICE to break the law. NO Plea Bargain. NO Record Expungement. NOT Negotiable.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Agreed..people always want to say it’s the evil cops writing tickets, until some drunk kills someone they love..Remember, the leading cause of death for people under 21-DWI accidents..

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