Crazed kitty attacks baby, forces family to call 911

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Portland, OR (KPTV) — A fat cat with a bad attitude attacked a baby and forced a Portland family to hide in a bedroom before calling 911.

Police were called out to deal with the crazed kitty at The Yards at Union Station complex on Northwest Naito Parkway just before 8 p.m. Sunday.

The man who called 911 told the dispatcher the cat “went over the edge,” and was charging at them every time they opened the door.

“He’s trying to attack us,” he said. “He’s very, very, very, very hostile.”

911 operators confirmed the baby did not need medical attention before sending officers to the scene.

“The 911 operator stayed on the phone with the caller to ensure the family, including the dog, remained safe in the bedroom as the cat screeched in the background,” a Portland Police Bureau press release states.

The responding officers snagged a dog snare to use in case it was needed to take the alleged cat criminal into custody.

The cat, named Lux, weighs 22 pounds.

When officers opened the door to the apartment, a black and white Himalayan darted into the kitchen, “attempting to flee custody,” police said.

The dog snare came in handy, as it was used to put the cat behind bars in a crate.

Officers then told the family it was safe to come out of the bedroom.

“The cat remained behind bars in the custody of the family and officers cleared the scene and continued to fight crime elsewhere in the city,” the Portland Police Bureau stated.

A motive for the feline’s frantic behavior has not been revealed.

“He’s got kind of a history of violence,” the caller told a 911 dispatcher. “He’s kind of a violent cat already. But he’s really bad right now.”

By Paul Craig



    That cat would be at the local chinese restaurant inside of boxes of pork fried rice if he turned on my family!

    • Jennifer Combest

      It says the cat scratched the baby AFTER THE BABY PULLED ITS TAIL. Then, when the parents “KICKED” the cat away the cat got angry. Well no shit. Sounds to me like this family shouldn’t own animals. I’m sure the poor cat gets tortured by that kid all the time and then punished by the parents for attempting to protect itself.

      • Joanna

        Agreed. I don’t think some parents realize how rough babies are with pets. They act surprised when the cat gets mistreated and lashes out at the child. Any animal’s logic is to retaliate when threatened. Hopefully they’ll find a better home for the cat where he’s not getting tugged on and kicked.

  • Maggie

    Wonder why this article failed to mentioned why but other news articles on this story did tell why the cat attacked the family. The child had taunted the cat, not knowing how to properly pet/play with the cat. So the dad admitted to kicking the cat in the rear. The cat then proceeded to do what any living being would when threatened. Stupid fucking news stations that can’t fully report the story and have a more accurate news headline. Instead of one that is misleading like this one.

  • diane

    Medically, pulling a cats tail can hurt the cat. & cause back pain. Then being kicked in the rear, again, pain. Poor kitty. Sorry baby was scratched, but the parents should have been more protective & not let the baby pull at the cat. I have a Turkish Van and 18 lbs. (he’s thin)… He does the same thing when the little grandkids torment him. We get after the kids. Got to teach them to respect all animals.

  • Melissa

    I love how “thorough” this story is reported.

    I hope the cat was taken to the vet for examination and if the cat suffered any harm, I hope the family gets charged with animal abuse.

    Yes, it was unfortunate the infant received scratches, but if the parents know the cat “has a history of violence”, don’t leave a baby near the cat without strict supervision. Babies do not know how to handle animals and animals have a right to protect themselves.

    Hopefully, the cat is okay and can find a new home!

  • oh snap

    I can’t believe you lunatics actually sympathizing with a freaking cat over a baby. You guys need help.

    • hellZyesd

      Maybe because bad parenting really IS the root of issues in our society today. The cat was provoked and obviously scared and hurt. A baby is generally larger than a cat. Any animal will retaliate against an attacker bigger than itself.

      Go educate yourself you brainless bobble head.

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