Taking pics of your hotel room can help stop sex trafficking

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- You can help stop sex trafficking just by taking pictures of your next hotel room.

A group called "The Exchange Initiative" believes your pictures will help expose the offices of pimps.

Fox Files reporter Chris Hayes first revealed this investigative tool a year and a half ago and explains how you can now get involved.

Almost every online sale of a human body shows a picture taken at a hotel or motel.  Sometimes you can even see St. Louis landmarks in the background, like the Edward Jones Dome and the old St. Louis Courthouse.

Kim Ritter started compiled the images.  She first told us about it in November of 2012.

Her research has pressured hotels to train employees to look for trafficking and helped police narrow in on pimps.  So now she`s partnering with two other women in a community action group called The Exchange Initiative.

They want to build a web site of hotel pictures, taken by regular people that could be used by police.

Author Nita Belles, who combats sex trafficking across the country, attended last week`s St. Louis Sex Trafficking Conference and talked about how attention can be a chilling effect.

Exposure may also help rescue someone. Some of these cases involve young teens.

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  • Megan

    Such a great idea. They should really consider reaching out to higher education–mainly Admissions offices. Admissions Counselors travel a LOT so we constantly stay in new and different hotels and I definitely think they would be willing to help. I know I would!

  • Mr Popularity

    What’s with this Chris Hayes and the big silver rings on his index fingers? Does he realize they shout out “Hoosier”?

  • Mr Popularity

    Way to put a big damper on the nookie business Chris. You know, there may be consenting adults who use motel rooms for certain activities

  • Emily

    Why not just send some one in plain clothes to the hotels and motels at about the same height, and ask for a tour of this floor and a room? People do it all the time. I’ve done it for an out of town guest of mine, to make sure the room/hotel was nice enough.

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