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Granite City School District dealing with budget cuts

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI)-- Teachers and staff will be cut at the Granite City School District to make up for a budget deficit.

Half the elementary music teachers and half the PE teachers were cut. As well as a Spanish teacher, reading specialist and 2 truancy officers.

Parents of band students turned out in hopes of keeping the program on the books.

The district claims they've been financially hurt by the loss of general state aid, transportation reimbursement and loss of property tax revenue.

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  • Brenda Gibson

    We need to start at the top jobs. Let them multi task . Get rid of their helpers and make them do their own work. We would save a whole lot a money .

  • Ray Solovic

    how bout lets take the multi million dollar tax breaks that the muti national steel mills get and have them pony up some funds for the schools. seems like common sense to me. granite city is now probably three separate schools combined now, since all the schools had no money. SO much for all the money the schools make off the lotteries. another urban legend,like bigfoot you know its there but you can never find it.

  • Jim Sharp

    Just wondering why there’s a sense of urgency now, and not prior? I think the deficit figure I heard on the news last night was $1.1 million, but it’s not like someone woke up yesterday morning and said, “Hey! We’re more than a million dollars in debt today, but we weren’t yesterday!” Why weren’t steps taken, or at least started, when the district was “only” half a million dollars behind, or “only” a quarter of a million dollars behind? What makes $1.1 million the magic number?

  • Curious

    Why does the high school and middle need multiple assistant principals and vice principals? Shouldn’t the surplus be cut from the administration and not from our children’s education & educators? Maybe the school superintendent should type and file his own memos and let his secretary go – and perhaps he does not need that car allowance – just a few suggestions. At $150+ k a year – the job should require more than firing people and balancing the budget off the backs of our children

  • David Czerny

    Cut out extracurricular activities that are funded with tax revenue–let the parents pay for the sports programs. School boards have to much power–they don’t care what it cost–let the tax payer pay it. School superintendents do not need to be paid over $100,000.00 and that is to much. Residents that are 65 and over should not have to pay school tax-they have paid it for 40+ years. Parents that have children in grade school should not have to pay for school supplies(pencils and so forth) with all the tax they pay–and schools fund extracurricular activities.

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