Judge upholds Missouri limit on funeral protests

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ After a five-year delay, a Missouri law barring protests within 300 feet of a funeral is now in effect.

The Missouri law creates a buffer zone around funeral sites from one hour before until one hour after a funeral.

An injunction against enforcing the law had been in effect since January 2009. But Attorney General Chris Koster said Tuesday that the law is now in effect as a result of a federal court ruling a day earlier.

U.S. District Judge Fernando Gaitan Jr. dismissed a claim that the time restriction on protests was unconstitutionally vague.

The lawsuit had been brought by a member of a Kansas-based church that denounces homosexuality and frequently protests at funerals.


    • Todd

      I dont see them being smitten down from the heavens. So obviously there is no rebuking going on. So for all you know, their interpretation of Christianity is dead on accurate.

      Really, since its all mumjo jumbo superstition, its all semantics really.

      • Billy Joel

        Jeebus works by not working, you heathen! Lawd god doesnt have to exist to rule the minds of the idiots

  • Judith Russell

    Mar, if we deployed them, then our nation would really fall because the Westboro Baptist Church members are all cowards and they’d tuck tail and run. I’m a Christian and an Army mom. These pansies don’t even acknowledge that it’s our military men and women who fight for their free speech rights that have given them way too much free publicity.

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