“Listen, Listen, honey!” 3-year-old negotiates cupcakes for dinner

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(STLMoms) – This three-year-old is well on his way to making a great lawyer. But first, he’s got to convince mom that he should have cupcakes for dinner.

This YouTube video shows the little boy, who calls his mom “Linda,” repeatedly asking her to listen to him as he tries to explain his point.

While mom lets him finish, she does remind him that she’s in charge, but his negotiation skills are getting stronger.


  • Angel

    There’s nothing cute about this now and there’s certainly not going to be anything cute about it when he’s older and is unable to zip his lip, listen, and/or take “no” as the answer. Whew! I feel sorry for mom and kid.

    • Jacen

      Read ur comment angel! cause I don’t have a god like u but we are taught to bring our kids up better then us. Maybe before prejudging u need to clean ur own closets

  • Angie

    Geez folks chill. It IS cute! People take things too seriously now days. Try to find the humor in things a little more. If it was your kid you would think it was funny too! If not then I feel sorry for your child…. Have a sense of humor!! Obviously the child gets disciplined because it referred to him getting spankings in the video!! My 11 yr old daughter and I cracked up watching it!!

  • CK

    The fact that people find this cute is why we have so many out of control kids. Parents should not “negotiate” with three year olds. If you allow it, when you really tell them NO over something much more important than a cupcake, they’ll never respect what you are saying. And if you allow it at home, what kind of trouble will he give teachers and day care providers?

  • Listen Listen

    Look it. Listen. Listen. First of all this was really funny and cute. If you seriously didn’t laugh at this I feel bad for you. This boy is clearly repeating things that have been said around him before. All kids do it, its always funny. Get over it.

    He is talking to his mom, she says I am the mom. He is not throwing a tantrum, he is trying to convince her he is right.

    I think this is so cute. Sorry ya’ll can’t laugh at something like this.

  • Alfonso Muñiz

    Honey. Listen. Listen. Listen. Will someone name Linda please listen? Lol. Stage or not its hilarious. This 3 year old boy is on his way to becoming a criminal defense attorney. For all you bitter parents experts in child rearing be grateful; most likely it will be this very same boy keeping your kid out of jail…

  • Maria

    Born a future lawyer! I had a son just like this and he is now a highly respected lawyer. This little boy is just learning his negotiation skills. Much better than throwing himself on the floor and screaming and crying. Linda was right to let him argue it out with her. For those of you who don’t have lawyers in your family you have no idea. Great lawyers are born this way.

      • Maria

        Exactly right Pat. He’s not just demanding the cupcake he’s also trying to give his reasons for wanting it. And he is using gestures to emphasize his points. Another 3 year old would just demand then throw a temper tantrum if they didn’t get their way. He’s a bright little boy.

  • Kevin Blankenship

    Wow, you raise a child to be that arguementative and guess what he is going to Be arguementative! That is not a very good life to aspire to. It is not cute to me and it is counter productive for his future. He is learning to not respect others! His way or the highway is what he is learning!

  • Jacen

    Really I read the comments it is a kid trying to express which is what kids need to b themselves. A kid should express their feelings. As to the comments putting a 3year old down and parenting? Maybe that’s the people that don’t know their kids? Yes I describe myself as disciplined I teach kids but this is normal and the freaking kid is 3. So what is so ironic is it the comments. This is a normal kid and we should let his potentials. Some of u forgot the parent still had the control! I think lot that c this is people that make comments negative, prob don’t have that control over there own children. We were brought up to bring our kids better then she was but also ur kids have to b themselves and build their worlds and sad to say I believe in god to certain extent! So if u want to make negative to me then say what u want to say cause maybe u need to look at ur own house and clean it first before speaking of others!

  • Jacen

    I think this is a good video of a kid growing up and all the negative has to cme to a stop! How u teach a kid of ur own to grow if he is not able to speak his thoughts? That is how a kid grows and now a days to cherish is a video. Big deal that might what all u got!

  • Sparkey

    This video was great The little boy was cute and smart and ThankYou mum for sharing it. Lighten up sourpusses.

  • Delany

    Hey all you folks with no sense of humor or respect for individuality, this child is highly intelligent and articulate. He also appeared on the Ellen show after she noticed this video. Are you smarter than a three year old?

  • G

    He refers to his mom by her first name because , they were at Disney world when they met a little boy who lost his parents but didn’t know there first names. This made them realize the importance of their child knowing their first and last names . His mom says he only refers to her as Linda or his dad as Kenneth when he is serious and trying to get his poin across. Cutest video ever!!!!!!

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