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Missouri House endorses curb on drone usage

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) – Missouri residents and government agencies could not use drones to conduct surveillance without a warrant under legislation advanced by the state House.

The measure would also prevent journalists and other organizations from using drones to observe private property without an owner’s consent. State universities could still use unmanned aircraft to conduct educational research.

Sponsoring Republican Rep. Kenneth Wilson, of Smithville, says the bill protects privacy rights. Opponents say the ban is unnecessary and could hurt business opportunities with companies that use drone technologies.

Under the bill, any evidence collected from improper drone usage would not be admissible in court cases.

The House gave the measure initial approval Tuesday. It needs one more vote before moving to the Senate.


Drones is HB 1204

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  • Steven Sweeney

    as usual, the republicans looking out for the little guy..dems want drones to either spy on law abiding citizens, except when obama uses them to murder children overseas…Thanks GOP for protecting us from the Nazicrats…

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