Motorcyclist hospitalized after I-44 crash

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(KTVI) - A 57-year-old motorcyclist is in serious but stable condition after an accident on I-44 Tuesday morning.

It happened on I-44 just east of Jefferson in south St. Louis around 7:30 a.m.

The motorcyclist ran off the roadway into the rocky median. The crash is under investigation.


  • Bob

    Way too many motorcycle crashes once the weather turned nice. It’s never a good idea to ride a motorcycle in the crazy commute, even if it is someone elses fault.

    • jennings tinsley

      The real issue is that we all need to be safer on the highway’s pay attintion to all rider’s and driver’s I am a bike rider and use all percausions. Chrouch rockets are the worst ever to drive like mad men. Please everyone be safe use signals, be curtious winter is getting over everyone is eger to get there bikes out and ride JUST BE SAFE NOT STUPID!!!

  • Buddy

    Every motorcycle rider says that…”watch out for motorcycles”…then they fly past you at mach one riding a wheelie or some stupid stuff. Motorcycles OR cars aren’t totally to blame, but riders need to be more cautious just as much as car drivers do. It’s the first nice weather, and cars aren’t paying attention to bikes, or even expecting them to come buzzing past.. SLOW DOWN and OBEY THE TRAFFICE LAWS BIKES!
    I can’t count how many times they have flown past me like I was standing still.

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