BB gun found at Festus High School

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(KTVI)-Two students were taken into custody Friday after a BB gun was seized at Festus High School. Festus Police Chief Timothy Lewis says that officers were called to the school around 10:30am and found a male student in the school office.  Administrators had seized a BB gun from him.

A student had seen the boy with the BB gun and reported it to the school.

An investigation revealed that another male student had brought the BB gun to school and given it to the other teen to hold onto for him.  That student was also been detained by school officials.

The two students were taken into custody. They were taken to the Festus Police Station and later released to their parents after meeting with juvenile authorities.

Chief Lewis is commending the student who reported the BB gun and the school for how it handled the incident.


  • FBHO

    OH NOES!!!! A BB GUN!!!!
    Did it have a 30 round bananer clip loaded with heat seeking, armor piercing hollow point super sonic plutonium cored BB’s and a shoulder thingy that goes up?

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