Deer dying after getting stuck in subdivision fence

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) - Deer keep getting stuck in a Chesterfield fence, and residents who live across the street want it to stop before more animals are hurt or killed.

Dee Bruenger took a cell phone video about a month ago of a deer stuck in this Conway Road fence, freed by the jaw of life.

Bruenger’s mother, Martha Scharf, says the problems began when the Conway on the Grove subdivision was built about ten years ago, displacing deer that lived on that land.

Scharf says, “I’ve lived here over 35 years, this used to be all forest over here. They still think this is their property.”

A black iron fence surrounds the subdivision, and the bars are just wide enough to trap a deer.   This mother and daughter say deer get trapped fairly often, and the latest incident didn’t end well. On Friday morning, they discovered a deer that died trying break free from the fence.

Bruenger laments, “I guess nobody caught it in time, nobody saw it while it was still alive.  This is such a sad way for a deer to die, because of a fence.”

It’s a sad situation, but a common one.  Missouri Conservation Department Spokesperson Dan Zarlenga says there’s unfortunately no simple solution: “Basically, the only way we have to control the deer herd is through hunting, and in urban areas, that’s a lot more difficult to do, because obviously there’s a lot more population.”

Even though the Conway on the Grove subdivision, and others like it, are here to stay, Bruenger and her family hope something can be done about that wrought iron fence before there any more casualties.

She says, “I’m ready to personally tear it down myself, just because it’s not right.”

If you see a deer that’s trapped and needs to be removed, you can call your local police department or local conservation office.




  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Doncha just wish someday some new breed of deer or animal will come in there and kick all the inferior human dimwits out? It’s time to displace cardboard subdivisions and garantuan big box stores with nature again. I know when I drive out here in Chesterfield or Wildwood, I see lots of poor deer wandering around like they’re lost, and lots of dimwit people who are definitely lost, and I think – it’s such a shame those poor animals have to live around such primitive and inferior humans.

  • Dazzette

    Not much they can do? Uh, how about putting a new fence up? It’s West County. Whoever is responsible can afford it I’m sure. If I was a resident, I would have ripped it down a long time ago! It’s a horrible way for those deer to die, all over aesthetics…

  • tiredofourgovernment

    Most everyone here is like oh the poor deer. You all don’t feel that way when your making the purchase of your 200,000 dollar home in what used to be the deers habitat. I’m no nut crunching tree hugger or anything I am a red blooded American deer hunter who hunts for meat.
    And to the idiot that thinks people like me go out just to shoot deer and mame them to leave them lay, YOU ARE AN IDIOT just as I said.
    I was raised to make every attempt at finding a wounded deer if I would do something like that, which I don’t! I have found every deer that I have ever shot and I have eaten every bit of the meat as that is how my wife and I get the meat for our freezer every year. Unlike you we don’t have all of the Free Obummer money that you have to stock our freezer with beef and pork. I actually live off of what God provides me and that is the food of the wild.
    Now for those of you that feel sorry for the deer, just remember that you encroached on them, they are only running the area that they were born in. You are the ones at fault!!!!!

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