Illinois lawmaker seeks ban on Kratom

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SPRINGFIELD, IL (AP) – An Illinois lawmaker is trying to outlaw Kratom in Illinois.

WAND-TV reports Friday that Republican Rep. Dennis Reboletti of Elmhurst says the substance can be addictive and dangerous.

Kratom comes from a leaf in Thailand. Officials say in highly concentrated pill or powder form it is similar to opium.

WAND reports it is easy to purchase online or in smoke shops.

Reboletti says Kratom addictions could lead users to other drugs such as heroin and prescription pain killers.

The substance is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Indiana is the only state that has outlawed Kratom and has done it indirectly through a ban on synthetic drugs.

A committee hearing is scheduled next week.


The bill is HB5526.



Information from: WAND-TV,


  • Ben Mowen

    Kratom is by far not addictive and is herbal, not synthetic. May this guy should try it first before making crazy judgments. I’ve taken Kratom twice aand never felt any form of addiction whatsoever.

  • Maur

    Strange that this article states that Indiana inadvertantly banned kratom
    In a ban on synthetic drugs , this doesnt sound synthetic , the article says it comesfrom a LEAF ! How long are we going to let big pharmacuetical companies rule our lives? Along with our govt , both should be ashamed for the unneccessary pain they have caused to so many people .

  • Mike linton

    Kratom is in no way addictive like the rep has been informed… I broke my back 7 years ago and had been on norcos, moved up to percocets by the time I found kratom I
    Had found out how horribly addictive pain pills are, not to mention how strong withdrawals from them are… Kratom
    Takes the withdrawals away, and actually had a medicinal property. I normally won’t post on anything like these threads but I honestly believe it would b a very big mistake to ban kratom!! Kratom
    Actually saved my life, that is the
    Truth I won’t go into details, but the narcotics prescribed to treat pain work wonders at first but after so long they don’t and u need more, and then more,,,,ect. etc. kratom in no way is the same… Please write your statesmen and let then know informatively how big of a mistake this will be!!

  • kingdomofshalom

    Kratom is far from being like opium. Please do your research. I take Kratom daily for back pain and RLS because I didn’t want my doctor to get me loaded on opiates. I’ve had so many friends who became addicted to pain killers. I know so many people who died as well. Kratom is a miracle plant. As a journalist,you need to stop jumping aboard this scare story and actually go out and talk to those who do take Kratom for anxiety and pain relief. Some take Kratom to get off opiate addiction. Its out there to help not to harm.

  • Kathy Davis

    this article cracks me up ..i dont know anything except what i read here and nothing leads to addiction to pain killers except pain killers, it states it comes from a leaf in thailand so it is not synthetic ….wow this article is an example of how controlling our government is and another example of propaganda by our government.

  • Imperial Kratom has contracted a lobbyist and has circulated information and testimonials to the Illinois lawmakers. I personally met with many of them and they say that they have had a lot of letters and emails and they want to know more. We will be present at these following hearings until the bill is dead on the floor. Please donate to the Botanical Legal Defense and get involved.

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