Lincoln County man allegedly fires shotgun at repo men

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TROY, MO (KTVI)– A Lincoln County man is charged after allegedly firing a shotgun at repo men.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 100 block of Harrell Road, in Troy after receiving a call of shots being fired.

Deputies responded near the scene and made contact with two repo men.  According to the victims, they arrived at the residence late in the morning to repossess an ATV.  The repo men made contact with the suspect, identified as 57-year-old Joseph W Greber and explained the situation.  Greber refused to unlock the ATV and ordered the men off the property.

The victims left but later returned around 1:00 PM.  As the victims drove by Greber’s residence, he walked out and yelled at the victims saying they could not drive by his property.  Greber then went into his trailer and returned with a 12-guage shotgun and quickly fired two rounds in their direction.  The victims quickly drove their vehicle to a safe location and contacted police.

Police arrived at Greber’s residence and found him carrying a Ruger .22 pistol, which he was ordered to drop.  Deputies recovered two spent shotgun shell casings at the scene.  Greber was swiftly taken into custody and no one was hurt in the incident.

Greber is currently charged with two felony counts of Assault Second Degree and one felony count of Unlawful Use of a Weapon and is housed at the Lincoln County Jail under a $50,000 cash only bond.


  • Adama

    two sides to every story. Is there any real proof that they made contact with the guy or did they just roll up on his property and try to repo the ATV without talking to him. I’ve never known any repo person to call or let alone knock on a door. just run up and take it.

  • Denny Long

    In order for the repossesion to be legal the individuals taking the vehicle need to be in possession of a writ of replevin issued by a court. Otherwise, they are simply attempting to deprive a person of their property by unlawful means. The man is no doubt a deadbeat, but the repo guys are not lilly white either!

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