Suspected drunk driver heads wrong way on I-44 for almost 20 miles

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VALLEY PARK (KTVI) - An overnight wrong way driver goes for almost 20 miles before police are finally able to get him stopped. But, the driver did not hit anyone during his drive.

This all started about 2:15 Friday morning near Shrewsbury. Police started getting 911 calls from drivers about the white Chevy going west in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 44.

St. Louis County Police first spotted the car on I-44 near Highway 44 in Valley Park. Police finally stopped the car safely on I-44 in the Eureka area.

County police officers say they were finally able to get the car stopped on I-44 between the Beaumont-Antire and Lewis Roads exits about 20 minutes after this all started. The officers apparently got the car to stop and turn around facing the right away at an emergency turn around spot in the center median.

Police say two men and a woman were in the car. Police suspect the driver was drunk.

No one was hurt.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    If the police focused on drunks like this, instead of their phony DWI roadblocks looking for the “two beer” casual drinker who poses no more danger to anyone than the average dimwit driver, we’d prevent far more tragedies. “Suspect” the driver was drunk? Gee, do ya think..?

    Meanwhile, again Fox writing – wow. And this is a regular, Chris. So police “…spotted the car on I-44 near Highway 44…” Gee, do ya think…?

    Are Americans really being forced to work SO fast that concern for quality or correctness just goes out the window? I guess more profit is more important these days than doing anything correctly. I guess that’s why the quality of all our products and services, such as health care, is taking a nose dive.

  • Mary M.

    Is that the end of the story: “The officers apparently got the car to stop and turn around facing the right away at an emergency turn around spot in the center median”? Shouldn’t they have arrested him?

  • Todd Gack

    None of the passengers in the car realized they were going the wrong way for 20 miles? That must have been some happy hour.

  • jink

    ok they suspect he is drunk, so they turn him around and let him keep driving drunk? What are we paying these guys to do? Catch him, breathalize him, and if drunk please dont leave him on the road, no matter what direction he is going in. WOW

  • Rocko

    This is what happens when you let the liberals run things. Next we’ll probably start losing airplanes and Russia will start taking over. Stupid liberals. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more frequently.

    • Todd Gack

      Yeah Rocko, because ‘liberals’ have a lot to do with some dork noggin driving drunk. There’s never been a right wing wacko in the history of mankind to ever drive drunk. What a fochtard.

  • Really People?

    Wow, people. Of course the driver was arrested. Of course he was intoxicated. Nothing can be said for certain because there’s a thin in the US called court. Until court is held, no facts can be stated regarding his breath alcohol content. You ACTUALLY think they turned him around and let him go? Wow.

  • Todd Gack

    How come I get a ticket for going 8 miles over the speed limit within minutes, and this clown drives 20 miles the wrong way before some police officer bothers to pull him over? Where were they all, at the donut shop?

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