Dave Murray’s latest forecast and disco Monday March 17, 2014

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Dave Murray’s Latest St. Louis forecast and weather disco for Monday, March 17, 2014:

Happy St. Pat’s day everyone and it is a quiet and rather cold day for the middle of March. The good news the winds will be light and after a very cold start, the sun will get afternoon temps into the 40’s, then a pop into the 60’s on Tuesday.

Partly sunny, light winds and chilly to cold
Winds: North 5-10 M.P.H.
High: 47 degrees.

Monday Night:
Clear skies, cold but not as cold
Winds: South 5-10 M.P.H.
Low: 32 degrees

Partly sunny and mild
Winds: South 5-15 M.P.H.
High: 65 degrees

Slightly cooler on Wednesday and Thursday back into the 60’s on Friday

The Weather Disco:
Well that was a classic STL temperature ride over the weekend. The dry air from the north keeping the snow over the southern half of the FOX 2 viewing area, this week is all about more swings with temperatures, but the overall trend will be for better temperatures especially after Monday, and limited moisture, there will be 2 maybe 3 cold fronts passing by; but they don’t tap the Gulf of Mexico so moisture will be limited all week long.

Check out all the maps below, click on links, they will give you a great overview of the weather: