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Police: Woman wakes up to strange man in bed trying to have sex with her

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DE SOTO, MO (KTVI) – A De Soto man is accused of crawling into a woman’s bed as she slept and sexually assaulting her.

Strangely, Kevin Recar, 43, used the victim’s shower first, police said.

Recar was jailed on charges on deviate sexual assault and burglary.

“[He] went in through a sliding glass door that was open at the time; went in and took a shower.  After he got done taking a shower, he cleaned the bathroom for her. Then he got into the bed with her nude and attempted to have sexual relations with her,” said De Soto Police Detective Rick Draper.

He said Recar was acquainted with his victim. She’s the girlfriend of one of Recar’s friends.

Police say Recar attacked her around 11:15 Friday night.  The victim drifted in and out of sleep as Recar started caressing her.

“Her initial thought was it was her boyfriend.  When she got into a position to realize that is wasn’t him, that’s when she began screaming and yelling at him and he fled on foot,” Draper said.

At that point the manhunt was on.  Police checked a couple of addresses where they thought Recar might be, with no luck.  They ended up finding him in an alley off of Main Street, just walking around like nothing happened.

“It almost makes you kind of scared to even talk to strangers because somebody could take something like that an misinterpret it into letting themselves into your home and you wake up, they’re in your bed.  It’s just really scary,” said De Soto resident Lindsey Reed.

“His thought was that he could just slide into bed, everything would be OK and she would just be OK with it.  That wasn’t the case,” Draper said.

Court records showed Recar had a lengthy arrest record. Offenses included DWI, marijuana possession, domestic assault, and violation of protection orders.

He was held in the Jefferson County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

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  • Todd Gack

    Very thoughtful of him to clean his privates before he climbed into bed. After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness. He should have at least brought her flowers first though.

  • Red

    Dammit why can’t more men want to clean our bathrooms…that’s almost a piece of heaven… Lol…but seriously, he’s a bit touched and out if reality… Scary stuff…

  • Bob

    This made the news, but the refusal of the Jefferson County Prosector to even persue the sexual assault of a fourteen year girl by a previous offender of another underage girl attack doesn’t even get mentioned. This young girl was bloodied by this REPEAT PERVERT and it is ingnored. No drugs, no alcohol, no enticement on the victims part, just a sadistic criminal preying on children. What is wrong with Jefferson County? Form you own judgments as to to how this could happen and why Jeffco choses to look the other way. Any news media with the guts to take this one on?

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