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Mother says landlord has her family living in substandard conditions

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JENNINGS, MO (KTVI)-- Marquita McIntyre says it`s been a rough 17 days in her new Jennings home on Sapphire Avenue.  The first three days were fine then suddenly things went downhill. There are problems with the electricity, furnace and more. The mother of four wants out of her 1 year lease.

"As of today, me and my kids have no use of water, no use of heat and we cannot use the bathroom shower due to the basement is being flooded.  Everything that comes from upstairs goes downstairs to the basement. There`s no outlet for the water to leave the house. It smells in here and my daughter gets sick," said McIntyre.

Documents say the property is run by an O`Fallon rental company.  We tried to reach them by phone but there was no one available. FOX 2 did not name the rental company, because we are still waiting for a response. We will follow-up with the company as soon as possible.

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  • Julia Bowen

    Doesn’t Jennings or the county Police have the ability to go in and force the landlord to clean up the place? Or condem it if it is uninhabitable? Some of these landlords need to be forced to live in the homes they try to rip people off with. If they had to live their, you’d be amazed at how quickly the place would be repaired. How did it even pass inspection for the rental to go through?

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