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Republic Service asking out-state residents how to solve West Lake landfill issue

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI)-- Who's responsible for recent telephone surveys regarding the West Lake Landfill?  The Environmental Protection Agency's Region 7 office sets the record straight.

West Lake is an EPA super-fund site.  But the agency's regional director says his office is not seeking public opinion on the future of the site and the radiological material buried there.

Concern about radiological waste is growing in St. Louis County. Some think it should be moved.  Local homeowners are now learning that someone is calling out-state residents asking what should be done with West Lake.

Callers have led some to believe they represent the EPA.   But in a statement, the agency's Region 7 director says that office is not behind the calls. Instead the office attributes the calls to a group with ties to Republic Services owner of West Lake Landfill.  People in St. Louis County think the calls are intended to increase opposition to moving the waste across Missouri en route to licensed disposal sites in other parts of the country.  Could this be a way to get support for the 2008 EPA decision to leave the waste in Bridgeton?   And of course that record of decision came before the site was threatened by an underground fire nearby.

In response a spokesperson for Republic sent this statement:

“The calls, actually 5 to 10 minute live conversations, are part of a much wider educational effort the company is supporting to help the public understand the risks associated with excavating and transporting nuclear material across the state.  A consideration of such risks are part of a public conversation that some opposition groups seem determined to stifle."

The monthly community meeting on the landfill will be held this Thursday at 6:30pm.

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  • Joe

    cant they drill and then add water or oxegen sufficant its obvious they dont care about near by streams or river so drill and fill with water or foam

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