Creve Couer PNC Bank taking technology to another level

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CREVE COUER, MO (KTVI)-- The world of banking has gotten a little more competitive.

The PNC Bank in Creve Couer has recently undergone a technological update.

Now when you enter, an employee greets you with their tablet ready to take care of any and all your needs besides just cashing a check.

Shawn McCutcheon with PNC Bank says, “Investments, retirements, loans, deposits all those things.”

There`s a computer terminal where customers can print off all their account information or info about banking products.

Tellers are a thing of the past. Like many businesses these days, employees are wearing many hats.

Andy Baker with PNC Bank says, “Everybody has gone through training, cross training them to do what the customer wants.”

And when the bank is closed, the latest in ATM`s is always ready with a stack of cash. It not only totals the amount, it breaks down how many of each denomination is in the stack.

Shawn McCutcheon says, “If you`re a business owner and have a big stack of checks, you can insert those checks into the ATM. It will actually do those deposits for you.”

And PNC has plans to update many of its 2,600 branches in the U.S.

Customer John Weiss says, “I`ve found it be a very convenient way to do business.”

The dark wood you find in many banks is still there, it`s the use of technology and customer service that they hope will improve profits.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    So, a “technology makeover” for PNC would be: Their ATMs actually work reliably now, at least every once in a while?

    The big word with technology these days for corporate America is: How many employees can it eliminate? Sure, tellers are a thing of the past. So is good service, quality and concern for customers – only the almighty bottom line, the REAL god American business worships, matters any more.

    But, PNC wants your retirement and investment savings, for those of you fortunate enough to be given that handout, either from your employer (rare these days) or your inherited estate – that way, they can make more money off your nest egg than YOU do! Ha!

  • Tom Hayes

    If I recall, didn’t Obama say something negative about the loss of banking jobs due to automation? Just wondering.

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