Lincoln County firefighters battle several brush fires

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HAWK POINT, MO (KTVI)-- In spite of repeated warnings, firefighters in Lincoln County spent most of Thursday responding to brush fires.   In one case, a fire was started after someone was burning trash.  It`s believed an apartment fire in Troy was started with a tossed cigarette.

"I lost everything except the shirt on my back," said Charles McRoberts. He was living in the 3-unit apartment building along Highway 47.

"Important pictures, money, clothes, everything I own was in there," McRoberts said.

Firefighters responding to that fire were leaving a brush fire in Hawk Point.  Just a few days ago, we reported on warnings about dry conditions after a fire started in Hawk Point.  Warnings also came from the Central County Fire and Rescue Department in St. Charles County.  That department investigated two house fires in a 16 hour span.  It`s believed cigarettes started both of those fires.

The brush fire Thursday in Hawk Point torched a field and nearly caught a neighbor`s house on fire.  The property owner`s sons used hoses to try and wet the grass around their home in an effort to keep it safe.

"Grass ignites pretty quickly and it burns pretty quick," said Hawk Point Fire Protection District`s Terry Stuck.

He echoed the continued warnings from area fire departments to avoid outdoor burning and to make sure cigarettes are extinguished and disposed properly.

Fox 2 Chief Meteorologist Dave Murray confirms conditions are ripe for these sorts of fires.  And Dave warns Friday could be worse, as stronger winds move into the area.  The St. Louis area is still extremely dry.

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