How to keep spies off your webcam

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(KTVI) – Is it possible for someone to hack into your web cam and spy on you 24-7? Yes, unless you’re Scott Schaffer from Blade Technologies.   He’s got some low-tech ways to keep your privacy safe.

How to Keep the NSA (or anyone else) From Spying Through Your Webcam

1. There has been a lot of falk about the capabilities of the NSA and other spy agencies

2. One confirmed capability is the ability to remotely access webcams and microphones without a user’s permission or knowledge

2. This type of hack is not new and has probably been around for 10 years

4. NSA Tools:
a) Gumfish – can take pictures using your webcam
b) Captivated Audience – can hijack the microphone and record conversations

5. Low tech ways to protect yourself

a) place a sticker over the webcam lens. The Electronic Frontier Foundation seels some for five dollars that are expecially made for this purpose
b) Take an old 1/8 inch audio plug and make it a “dummy” by cutting off the other end. Place this in your microphone port.


  • Bob

    I put a piece of masking tape over the lens, but it isn’t high tech because it didn’t cost me 5 bucks.

    • chejkalcfh

      Ok, however remember WHAT the EFF is ( electronic frontier foundation ) and what they DO ( watch our security over the internet) and THEN remember that $5 supports them.
      BEST $5 you can spend, AND a better investment than the masking tape (unless it too is sold b y someone like the EFF>

  • Melissa

    Who edits these articles? It really bothers me when a major news station posts articles with major typos. “Seels” instead of “sells;” “expecially” is not a word. I understand you’re trying to get these posted quickly, but take some time to copy edit! It looks really sloppy.

  • Keith

    Put a sticker over my webcam lens? Okay, great! Now nobody can see me, even the people I WANT to see me. lol

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