Ill. Supreme Court ruling could mean early release for inmates serving life sentences

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CHICAGO (AP) _ An Illinois Supreme Court ruling may mean more than 100 inmates serving life sentences without parole may be released early from prison.

The Thursday ruling applies to inmates who have imprisoned for murders they committed when they were juveniles. It makes the state supreme court the latest court to rule regarding a 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. That ruling determined that sentencing juveniles to life without parole constituted cruel and unusual punishment. Since then, state courts have been deciding whether the ruling should be retroactive to apply to inmates in prison for crimes they committed as juveniles.

Thursday’s ruling to grant new sentencing hearings for the inmates stems from a case involving a lawsuit filed by an inmate convicted of murder when he was a juvenile.


  • Ratna Kumar J

    As a Law Student & Criminology & Applied Psychology Student, I see Courts ,Constitution & Legislation only to keep people in a good path of the society they live.Some Discoveries using Penology [also called The science or art of punishment] 1) When a Person Does not Get The Needed things AT THE PARTICULAR AGE in His / her life perspective may be any quality of life will this factor connect to the base of all crimes? ; As per Current Quality of life All people of all ages Require Good Schooling to Good Medical Attention , Learning of Knowledge which is the Most Competitive but Life Survival Thing as per Darvin’s Theory “Where It Brings the Species The Survival Of The Fittest in the Environment it was left to grow”, So This Ruling is accepted With some Limitations. When the juvenile Chooses the path to attain it Illegitimately like examples like A Present Child Of Age 12 is Seeking for a Play station 3 model when the child is not able to get a cell phone video
    game,Threatening his /her Father That The Child will tell to his mother that Father Is Having Illegal Relationship With Another person &
    To mother The Vice Versa & Trying to Enjoy His / her Lucrative benefits should be avoided.Immediate separation and treatment of Abnormal Psychological juveniles & giving Treatment Medically & Giving Sociology Studies and to pin point the origin of mistake should be done immediately by the parents , schools or law department or by any social interest person which First says Detection of Crime & Reason TO Commit the Crime Which is Called MOTIVE OF CRIME in LATTER Stages of Life .I want to Cite the Following persons Result of the Research done by John Laub and Robert Sampson & the long term follow-up data collected by the researcher states ” The Parents of the juvenile must have 1)the potential conditional effects of marital attachment to get good parental care 2) stable employment which forms the Root for the Monetary Support Of How the Child Grows. is to be noted which stops all relative deprivation as per Anomie Strain Theory.This makes the formation of trait which then transforms to acculturation of the juvenile which then forms as a DESISTANCE by the usage of strong social bonds.The Key Maxim of Law is Very useful here “Ad proximum antecedens fiat relatio, nisi impediatur sententia which states The antecedent bears relation to what follows next, unless it destroys the meaning of the sentence” So Even in a sentence of a a speech or writing medium this is very important , So This is the most important thing in the Growing up behavior of the Children who are the future citizens which the society is to be taken care of. When These are Done Parole after Imprisonment will be an out fashioned one because the Root Cause of Problem is Removed. The Justice Department in Incarnation Period Should Try to Do this Which Even makes All the Prisoners to become socially acceptable and lead a Good life in the society stopping RECIDIVISM which is the most feared one in the society & Department of Justice in all Countries. The Statue of Law The Lady with Scales & Double Edged Sword should See to correct the Ratio decidendi of the juvenile [Ratio decendi refers to the legal, moral, political and social principles] in Time Frame instead of Separating the Dreams , Talents of the young people out of reach itself “. So istead of Using Double Edged Sword by the lady of Justice to Scree or Kill the Victim , It should be used to Correct the Victim.Never Forget the Maxim “Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium” which states where there is right there is remedy, so the Right is to be Given With proper Testing & Curing the Root Cause of problems. These are My Views. For any details You can Contact me in or can call in +917871276276 or can write up to me in Plot No 1c,2c, Annai Nagar, Near Darling Nagar ,KTC Nagar,Tirunelveli – 627011,Tamilnadu,India.

  • Janelle

    when did life become sortal life. If life is with a heartbeat for the abortion activists than they should remain in prison while they still have a heartbeat unless the conviction is overturned and they are found innocent.

    • Ratna Kumar J

      The Registration is only given to US Living People, Then How can Other Country people Living in Asia, I am from India can share the views. If you have any suggestions or chats regarding this comment I am glad to reply.


    I suppose the State of Illinois has informed these guys that if they commit another murder, and get caught, it’s life without parole, and next time they REALLY mean it.

  • Ratna Kumar J

    As I mentioned in he first comment , I said First The Event of Criminal Offender is to be Stopped, the Law Not only is used TO Punish The Offender but also to protect the innocent & to stop the spreading of Offense through Gangs, Recidivism Spreading Etc. This is Explained clearly, When This is Done, The Root Cause of the problem can be solved, Even If it happens again ,It is called recidivism ,I have Given the solution to Stop Recidivism only.Reason is people fear that if Convicted people are left back to the society they will spoil the society, This can be solved through medicines available through applied Psychology and Sociology trainings.So, The Inbuilt talents of the juvenile prisoners and their dreams is never spoiled and can be utilized for the benefit of the society.


    All this “theory” stuff is just fine and good to read, but, reality has another theory. You need to go to work for Law Enforcement or The Dept. of Corrections for at least ten years. Most, not all, but most, were not taught anything at home and have little education. But they do get a great education in prison, and are taught by some of the best. These juveniles still commit crimes in prison, most are not sorry for what they’ve done, just sorry they got caught doing it. When they let these guys out, they will not be the same juveniles they locked up. They have become men in prison, developed a different mentality, become better criminals, and will have a 99% chance of returning to prison. Prison is their new life, institutionalized, it’s a place where their friends are, in some cases, family. When somebody from the old neighborhood comes in, it’s a celebration and like a family reunion with the hugs, handshakes, and laughter. Read the statistics on the inmate return rate, it’s impressive.

  • Michelle dee

    I think this is wonderful. I am speaking for all ex felons who society says will never amount to anything. I was a 5 time loser. When i was biding I couldn’t stay out for more than 120 days. I walked out of lincoln correctional center feb 1,2008 & have changed my life. I do not commit crimes anymore. I am active & a productive member of society. Everyone makes mistakes & bad choices in life, its a fact of the human race! If WE the people who start reaching out & doing more for the next person & actually STEP UP & MAKE A DIFFERENCE instead of assuming ppl will never change, I truly believe we would have a much healthier & happier & safer society!


      Michelle, I personally very proud of you, and many others whom share the same story you are sharing. I know many people whom have turned their lives around and are productive members of society, they also made bad choices as everyone has sometime in life, but, they did not MURDER anyone, that is the difference in you and many others, murderer’s are a whole different situation. Keep on keeping on, I know you and others have a difficult struggle, keep the faith.

    • Ratna Kumar J

      Congratulations Michelle dee ,First To Show up a Person in the Past who has been in a correctional centre in front of all the people & The Correctional centre Has shown the Values of Society to you in a Proper Systematic Way. “I Thank The lincoln correctional centre members who took great effort and treating the affected juvenile as their own CHILDREN, The statement LOVE NEVER FAILS has been applied to you . I ask you to view the Symbol of US Justice Department The Eagle with a Olive branch having 13 leaves which Indicates Peace and 13 arrows which signifies United States will defend itself if threatened with its own virtue and not by other peer pressures ,According to Charles Thomson, “White signifies purity and innocence; Red, hardiness and valor; and Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.” and the words Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur states :who prosecutes on behalf of justice (or the Lady Justice)”, So the Justice system has worked very efficiently in preserving the democratic right of the people spotting when a threat comes to them from foreign and domestic only seeing justice and not doing any favor to any one in the eyes of law which Makes people to be Secure & Lead a Prosperous and productive life to them and to their society .So These Theories are Successfully developed by the people who developed it & preserving it in a Right way till this moment.I also Congratulate the US Justice Department for their Efficient work. As a part of Citizen of US, You can also help them by creating a social network of spotting the juvenile offenders mistakes and helping them to correct the mistakes and bring them back the personal harmony & liberty back to them at RIGHT TIME. I also pray To The LORD To make the people who do mistakes to change.You can contact me for this at any time in any part of your life in or can call in +917871276276 or can write up to me in Plot No 1c,2c, Annai Nagar, Near Darling Nagar ,KTC Nagar,Tirunelveli – 627011,Tamilnadu,India.

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