Local rapper inspires kids to live out their dreams

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HAZELWOOD, MISSOURI ( KTVI) --Koran Bolden is a former national recording artist who signed a $ 150,000 contract with Def Jam Records. He was on his way to the top in the music industry and to being in the spotlight of MTV, BET, and the hip hop world when he was dropped for no reason. All of a sudden, his dreams of becoming famous faded.

"The record deal was a really good moment in my life. I got a deal with Def Jam. The leadership changed at Def Jam and I was forced out.

After the contract was terminated, Bolden learned from that experience and knew he had to rebuild his life and career.

"After I lost my record deal with Def Jam, I went on this faith journey. I wanted to discover who I really was.”

The former rapper is now a motivational speaker and the founder and CEO  of  Street Dreamz Artist Development Center located in the St. Louis Outlet Mall in Hazelwood.

Street Dreamz is a recording studio aimed to help local youth to make positive music. Bolden open his studio to inspire young musicians to build their self- esteem through writing positive lyrics and understand the formula for success. Bolden says through hard work and education the sky is the limit.

"I thought why not open up a studio and call it Street Dreamz and have kids come in from the street and let them live their dreams out and show them what to do and  how to do it.”

Bolden's work with the students caught the attention of Verizon. He was nominated last year as Verizon's “Everyday Hero” award.  Bolden is also a spokesperson for the eegional Walgreen's Expressions Challenge.


  • Carla Hayes

    Today’s youth need more positive role models like Koran. Not only can he speak to them in a way that they find relatable but he can speak on the ups and downs of the music industry that so many of them strive to enter. He gives hope to many young adults who feel hopeless by sharing his testimony of how to overcome against all odds. He is a faithful husband and father who is making an impact in St. Louis on today’s youth that reminds me of the positive image that Bill Cosby and the Cosby Show had on the youth of the 90s. I am excited about what the future holds for Koran and the Bolden family!

  • Eric Love

    Great Work Koran! I appreciate being able to witness yet another man reaching out to young people to shoot for the stars! Thanks for so many encouraging words to us all!

  • David Treadway

    Koran is an awesome awesome guy. He display leadership, integrity,
    and great character on the daily. Our youth needs him and more people
    like him. So happy to see him getting recognize over another lost gang banger or nada report. Keep up the good work, I see favor all over your life.
    Street Dreams one of my inspirations. Love you man!

  • mike clay

    Hey Koran , Super proud of your efforts and the great accomplishments from before to now, you definitely have been a positive impact on many, keep up the great work!

  • virchuchutrain

    I had a public speaking class with Koran and let me tell you this man of God can make a room still. Bolden is exactly right, because he provokes the content and inspires the young with vibrant boldness. I can’t wait to see and hear what this forerunner does next.

  • Andrea Johnson

    Koran is such an inspiration for of community. Alway positive and challenges u to work a your full potential. He motivation and ambition push me to go forward with my business and give back to my community. Keep up the good work Mr. and Mrs. Bolden our youth need you!

  • 1chrisrobinson

    Koran is a incredible example and role model. It is so great to watch what he is doing and the impact he is making on every life that he touches. Great work Koran!

  • Yvette Hicks, MSW

    Koran is an amazing individual, professional, role model and mentor.

    The impact made upon our youth due to his efforts is profound. His character is one of giving, shaping, and inspiring. I will never forget the first time I met Koran. We were headed into a meeting and I needed change for the parking meter. Koran who was a complete stranger to me at the time, reach out to help by giving me money for the parking meter.

    What I’ve learned of him since that day remains the same. He reaches out to others in need. Congratulations on your endeavors. You are amazing.

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