Singer Lorde meets Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill

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(KTVI) – The “Duck Room” had one more celebrity on hand Tuesday night as pop star Lorde stopped by to watch the legendary Chuck Berry perform at Blueberry Hill.
Lorde also tweet Tuesday that she “found me in a dollar store in St. Louis” with the picture of a doll.

Lorde is in town for her performance Thursday at the Peabody Opera House. The sold-out concert starts at 9 p.m.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Did ol’ Chuck cop a feel while she was next to him? Probably the only thing he had on his mind at the time.

    It IS wonderful how far just three major chords in a standard blues motif played to a simple 4/4 beat, and a goofy simple strut, can take one man! And to think he had all the complicated stuff, like maybe a break now and then or a chord variation, handled by the REAL talent in his band back in the day, Johnnie Johnson. Too bad that, true to America in modern times, the guy who did all the work and had all the creativity gets ripped off and becomes a bus driver for a living, while the phony frontman with about as much talent as my goldfish gets all the fame and fortune!

    Can you tell I still haven’t forgiven ol’ Chuck for what he did to Johnnie?

  • George Orwell

    Man what’s with you dopes ragging on one of the Mt Rushmore icons of Rock and Roll? At least he didn’t marry his 12 year old cousin, or kill himself with drugs while sitting naked on his porcelain throne

  • George W. Money

    Let’s give Chuck some slack now… He had some issues along the way but then so has most with his success. He should be honored here in STL and we should be proud of his musical career, one of the best in history…

  • Katie

    To both Georges: No, but he did put cameras in toilet bowls in the womens restroom of a restaurant he used to own. At least one female was underage.. That might not be as bad as incest or drugs, but it’s still very disturbing and an invasion of privacy. I have no respect for the man.

  • George Micheal Steffens

    As reprehensible as his behavior was in his younger days, remember, God forgives. God forgives us all for the things we do that offend him. And God expects us to forgive each other, if we expect forgiveness from Him. So, to experience the freedom that God has promised us, forgive the man, already.

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