Two-year-old ice skater turning heads in Kirkwood

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(KTVI)-- He might not be able to turn a double axel yet, but he is turning heads.

"I didn't know what to expect with him today cause we were dealing with no naps," says Ron Stanley.  "There's a lot that goes into getting him ready."

Namely, naps when you're talking about a two year old ice skater.

On many afternoons you'll find this father son skating team speeding around the rink in Kirkwood.

"But he was always fast forward from like 17 months on so he was flying out here," says Stanley.  "There was just no stop.  Yeah, he couldn't stop."

"Brock is, for a two year old, just unbelievable," says Brett Overy a shift manager at the rink.  "I can't believe how fast that guy can skate around and I hardly ever see him fall anymore."

The pint sized skater started when he was 15 months old on rollerblades.

Not long after the two year old transitioned to the ice with dad teaching how to skate backwards and proper stopping.

"It's taxing on the back and a lot of parents give up early and don't put their kids out till four years old," says Stanley.

Brock's Dad admits his two year old gets tuckered out given his small size.

"He'll skate in a week probably about five or six year hours and that's a lot for a two year old," says Stanley.

But if this phenom on the frozen ice continues learning his craft, who knows maybe one day he'll turn some heads with the St. Louis Blues and the NHL.

"Cheese," says Brock.

"Stop smiling," laughs Stanley.

"Cheese," adds the two year old.


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