Wentzville bus driver praised for protecting her students

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- A bus driver with the Wentzville School District is being commended for her quick thinking while driving her students home.

She was starting her route in Lake St. Louis when she spotted a suspicious looking man in a truck parked near one of her stops.

It was a red Ford pickup similar to the one reported in two attempted child abductions in St. Charles County.

She notified authorities and then drove all 60 plus grade school children right to their front doors and waited until they were safely inside.

Police arrested the driver who turned out to be a drug dealer.


  • Digi Tal

    Good. One thing I love about my daughters bus driver is that unless she sees either myself of my fiance standing at the bus stop in the afternoon, she will not let my daughter (or any of the other kids whose parents normally wait for them) off the bus.

  • Just Me

    The driver should be commended for her actions.
    Her instincts and her diligence made sure each and every child made it home safely and made sure the police were able to take this person off the street.

    I bet she’s a Mother or a Grand Mom.

    I wonder if any parents complained that their children arrived home 15 minutes late.

    We all know someone did…………………….lol

  • Cora

    Thank goodness she doesn’t drive for First Student. She’d be fired for not following the route description and making door stops. This driver is one smart, vigilant, caring lady. Great job.

    • mel

      that is not true. first student drivers would have done the same thing this driver did. the students safty is top priority! some locations just happen to hire the wrong person.

  • Paulette

    That is awesome..We need more bus drivers out there like her to protect our children from this sick twisted world.. Great Job…

  • Angie

    Great job! This woman should be recognized by her employer and the police department for her quick thinking and actions. As a parent, I would like to thank her so much! We are the only parents in our neighborhood who actually go to the bus stop with our daughter both in the morning and afternoon. Better to be safe than sorry in this crazy world! GREATJOB!

  • Mrs. K

    I really hope her employer does something wonderful for her. Not too many people go above and beyond the call when it comes to others. In todays world let’s hope they don’t give her a pink slip for not following policy, causing the district to spend more in gas, and whatever other crazy things they can come up with.

    • Jennifer Jaswal

      People go above and beyond all the time….it just does not always make the headlines. I drove a bus for several years while getting my nursing degree. This is not something uncommon.

  • jennifer

    so they guy is a drug dealer and no word on if they are having the children identify him as the attempted child abductor. do we not realize the human trafficking is one of the greatest dangers to woman and children. if he is a drug dealer, there is more reason to look closely at him for other illegal actions. It’s not like the dude is going to be like, “yeah i sell drugs and i was trying to abduct a kid the last couple days without success.” I want to know what more the police have done to assure the public this man was not the the same man that attempted to abduct children. seriously!!!
    great job bus driver!!!

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