Woman’s search for landlord ends at the Liquor Doctor

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(KTVI)-- A St. Louis County mom says her ceiling collapsed and she can`t get the landlord to help.    She says the fire department forced her to move out and she doesn`t know who really owns the home.

Toni Boyd described seeing her bedroom ceiling collapse, "By the time I picked up the phone to call the landlord, I turned around and all I seen was just white stuff just falling."

Rotted wood, insulation and drywall cover the bed and floor.

Boyd says she`d been paying her rent to a man named Shawn Mosby, who told her he wasn`t the guy responsible.  Boyd explained, "He said he was going to let the `head man` know."

Boyd says he wouldn`t tell her who was the `head man` so she checked St. Louis County records and got an address for the owner.  She said, "That`s how I ended up at the Liquor Doctor." (Reporter Hayes exclaimed) "The Liquor Doctor?" (Boyd laughed) "Yes!" (Hayes followed up) "What were you thinking?"  (Boyd answered) "I was like oh my god, at first I turned around and I didn`t even go in and I was like really?"

Really. The Liquor Doctor, owned by Thomas Kiely, who also owns about 100 properties.  However, in Toni`s case, he says he`s not `head man.`

Kiely explained, "I wasn`t the landlord. I never entered into a relationship with her.  I was just the bank selling it to her actual landlord."  (Reporter Hayes asked) "Is this really just a shell game?" (Kiely answered) "No, I mean it`s just a business decision I made on a lot of my properties."

Kiely says he`s still listed as the owner because Boyd`s landlord hasn`t finished paying for the house.

Kiely continued, "I`m sorry this happened to her but like I told you, I have a contractual agreement with (Mosby) where he`s responsible for the repairs. I think there`s some bad blood between the two of them. I don`t think he wants her as a tenant."

Boyd`s staying with relatives and looking for a new place.  I also called St. Louis County to report the problem.  Boyd smiled when she said, "My sister called me at work and says Channel 2 must of done their job because, Toni, there`s so many cars out there it`s like everybody at your house."

A sticker on the door now says the St. Louis County Problem Properties unit is investigating.

Shawn Mosby told me he`ll be backing out of his deal to buy that property, leaving the Liquor Doctor to deal with it.  Mosby said the problem was the tenant of that home.

St. Louis County reported that it wrote up the same address on February 24th for inoperable smoke detectors, no trash service and no occupancy permit.

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  • Ben

    It seems like a ” cultuer” in this area where a business is operating a “leigitmate business” hangs the name infront, supposedly registered in the state and no one knows who the owner is.

    The agency that is supposed to know has segemented the responsibility so much and put so much hurrdle, it has become a “NORM” for any state or local gvernment employee saying “It is not our business” is becoming the best answer a citzen can get.

    Is there any reason why this lady whose house colapsed can not find owner of the business just by picking up the phone? or can not be directed to the right agency? or the right agency contact her? Whether she has a legitmate case or not can be determined later.

    I would not recomend some of the agencys…….MHRC is one of them. My experience.

    Can it be improved? Absoluetly! It will be a big challenge to get out of the “Jaws” of the people who are in-charge. Please do not MISUNDERSTAND me. Which is often the case. There are some who would like to make a change and deligent public servants. Just as there are who are using these agency for “Paycheck” or “Gig” for the next plat form……….private sector job.

    Who would be better for a private job especially when that private job is the one doing business who over sees it………LObby.

    Let the system work as it supposed to. It is not a perfect system, but it can be made to work. We need to rid the “cancer”. Then complency would not be a norm

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