NCAA Hoops: Will Missouri ever play KU again?

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI)- Two years after leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, the University of Missouri Men’s Basketball team has yet to face an opponent from its former conference home.

That could change in 2014-2015, as both Missouri and Kansas State are slated to participate in the Maui Invitational tournament, but unless otherwise forced to via tournament play, it sounds like the wounds caused by Missouri’s departure are still a little too fresh.

“I have never said that Kansas will never play Missouri.  I said it probably won’t happen while I’m there,” Kansas Head Coach Bill Self said. “But I’m not going to be there forever, so there will be somebody there that can make that decision long after I’m gone, and administrators and chancellors and things like that.” Self added, “there’s a lot of people that would have probably a thought on if that should be done right now.  So that’s not all on me.  But for right now I can’t see it happening in the near future.”

“I know there are some hurt feelings.  Just like anything in life, as time goes on it heals wounds.  And I wish Missouri was in the Big 12 now that I’m in it, it’s a great league,” Kansas State coach Bruce Weber said. “I am sure down the road something may happen.  Because it would be a great game for Kansas City, for both of us or either one of us (Kansas or Kansas State) you know.”

“We played Florida there last year and that’s just a great venue.  If you have Mizzou there, like I had the opportunity with Illinois playing here in St. Louis.  It’s one of the greatest rivalry nonconference rivalries in the country,” Weber said.

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  • Matt

    Why should Kansas or Kansas State ever play Missouri outside a tournament again? If Missouri wanted to keep their ties, they should not have left the Big 12. It only benefits Missouri recruiting and rpi to play KU or K-State. There is no benefit at all for KU or K-State to play Missouri. Does not benefit recruiting or rpi. KU has K-State as their main rival. Missouri will need to develop a new rivalry in their new conference. #Buyer’s-remorse

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