Sheriff’s Department searching for missing St. Peters teen

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DARDENNE PRAIRIE,  MO (KTVI) -Authorities at the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department are searching for a missing 18 year old college student. Bahia Bisharat, from St. Peters, attends St. Charles Community College and has been missing since Wednesday.

She is described as 5’ 10” tall and 140 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. She turns 19 on Tuesday.

A spokesperson from the St. Charles County Sheriff`s Department believes Bisharat was likely last seen at a satellite campus for the St. Charles Community College off I-64 and Technology Drive in Dardenne Prairie.

Investigators found the 18 year old's car at the campus on Wednesday. It is believed that she showed up for her class and may have even been seen inside the building. But she never made it to her class.

Investigators say they have no evidence leading them to think foul play is involved, but they also tell us this is very out of character for Bisharat. She is typically always in class and always on schedule. That is why authorities are concerned.

The St. Charles County Sheriff's Department has three detectives working the case. Authorities say at this point they are treating this as a missing persons case.

The family has also brought in their own private investigator.

If you have any information, please call 911 or 314-326-6393.

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Bahia Bisharat


  • Kathy A

    Aren’t there video/security cameras on campus? There should be if not! And two more missing from the area???
    Any new updates? Prayers…

  • bob

    We’ll pray for safe return. Keep positive she maybe took off with friends for few days teens do that. God bless.

  • Vee

    How can you say the mother& brother sound suspicious? That Mom sounded devastated like I would be if my child went missing and knowing your child and the police saying it isn’t foul play? A total nightmare. I pray they find her safe. This is minutes from where I live. I did not hear of 2 others missing from here though?

  • Adin Hodzic

    Try looking at street cameras when she came – then – people that came with their cars – the cameras around the school and all ways and paths to leave and perhaps she fell in the drainage openings etc… I honestly dont intend insults but check if perhaps some teachers ever are percieved of as perverted and if students ever asked her for a relationship etc… Ask neighbors in the area about their cameras and try to listen if she is there perhaps. Get a K9 dog to go into her car etc…

  • cindy

    It was spring break, but they said she was going to study. I dont understand first she pulled in and parked, trunk was open, keys in car, note in car, goes inside tells someone she sick and leaves. My daughter goes there and im now scared to death. So many sick o, now i hear about the mom and brother but i never heard anything about here dad..


      Her dad is devastated. She is a distant relative of mine. he can barely speak poor guy. at least the mother and son have a bit of strength to go forward. I pray pray pray that shes ok

  • Hassouneh

    i didn’t understand till this moment no news from authorised department on her email history?
    they seen her with iPad no GPS tracker on that ?
    keys on car! is that means who took her didn’t give Bahia a chance to lock her car OR she just went on her own wish?
    no camera recording / history from college ?
    is she still on US or overseas ? where is her passport !
    seriously am not able to sleep well since i got to know about her story, i will keep praying for her & her family.

  • Ken Wilmes

    The ‘financial’ facility across the street has a state-of-the-art video surveillance system with very good PTZ capability. Several of their roof-mounted cameras may have recorded something. Praying for a safe return.

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