Anheuser-Busch, Teamsters reach tentative deal

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _ Anheuser-Busch and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters say they have reached a tentative deal on a five-year contract for workers at the beverage-maker’s 12 U.S. breweries.

The company and union say in a statement dated Friday and posted on the company’s website that the deal is subject to ratification by the union members. They say their negotiators are focused on finalizing the contract language.

Anheuser-Busch is based in St. Louis and is a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev. It has U.S. breweries in Missouri, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire.



    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Are you implying they are as greedy as the Boeing machinists union? Where they keep giving the veteran worker 10% raises per year and double lifetime pensions, all on the working taxpayers’ backs? While cutting only the younger workers benefits, so Boeing can make their huge profits from huge annual taxpayer welfare handouts at the expense of their younger workers?

      And EVERYTHING the Boeing machinists in St. Louis make KILLS, or at least, when it’s working properly, which is probably less than half the time but who’s counting in that their product is rarely actually tested or used except against primitive forces with only huge rocks to hurl?

      Besides, GM and Toyotas problems are in cheap, inferior designs because of greedy management – funny you didn’t mention Chrysler, who apparently is still making junk according to consumer publications – but it’s not the union. Even the overpaid auto workers formerly in Fenton weren’t the cause of their defects, though – that falls squarely on management – as usual.

      Nope, Steven – the REALITY here is it’s another GREEDY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION cheating workers and consumers. Of course, I know you right-wingers have difficulty accepting reality – just like drug addicts!

      • Steven Sweeney

        When Boeing dreamliners don’t catch on fire, they fall apart after a whole year..GM has killed 13 people and covered it up for 10 years..Toyota killed several and paid a huge fine..Unions are the plague of the country, bankrupting our schools..They are responsible for billions lost every year in the post an envelope in a box is tough isn’t it? Union lower quality and inflate costs. Just look at wal mart..biggest employer in the country, non union..Cheapest prices anywhere..Unions are greedy democrats, financing dems like Obama, and get rewarded with exemptions from ACA..Mean while us working folks have to pay full price since we’re not cronies of rich democrats..You know-like Soros or Zuckerberg…and BTW, listening to bye bye talk about reality is like listening to justin bieber talk about macho..

  • mxpklx

    AB makes swill. It’s not “real” beer. If it wasn’t for the rise of microbrews we wouldn’t have authentic beer.

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