Affton mother pleads guilty in toddler’s death

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CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) _ A St. Louis County woman has pleaded guilty to killing her 13-month-old son after initially reporting the child as missing.

Tyler Dasher's body was discovered in November 2011 by two dog walkers at the edge of a wooded cemetery near the River Des Peres. His mother Shelby Dasher had reported the child missing from their Affton home several hours earlier.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the 23-year-old woman pleaded guilty Wednesday in St. Louis County Circuit Court to second-degree murder and abuse of a child resulting in death. Prosecutors are recommending concurrent 25-year sentences.

Dasher told police she repeatedly struck the child in his crib when he wouldn't stop crying. Her 26-year-old boyfriend Edgar Rivas faces felony charges of abandoning a corpse and evidence tampering.


  • tracy case

    Can she be ordered by a judge to be sterialized so that she never does this to another child. Becoming a mother is a mirical from god, so she gave her mirical back. 25yrs NO. LIFE is not long enough. The old testament states Eye for an Eye !!! Her life for TYLERS LIFE. SHE knew when she beet him she wanted to hurt him, to make him be quiet. It makes me hurt to my core, with tears in my eyes for a child that had no mother to love him more than herself.

    • chris

      I agree she should be locked up, but all you people saying she should die need to step up. If the state called YOU to personally kill her would you? Or would u bow down and say its not your place

      • Saucyroccia

        I would step up any day Chris! I don’t even have a child but I have family and friends children who are so important to me that I would be so irate if this ever happened to one of them.
        You really would sit back and chill if it was someone related to you? Someone you knew? A god child? I hope you eventually grow some feelings because then you might say the same, otherwise imma probably put you in the same psycho category ;)

      • Saucyroccia

        Like you do realize she reported him missing 2011………. And now she feels bad? HA NO. She wants some attention

  • Amanda Wagner

    I am all for an EYE for an EYE…… I would have zero regret putting this low life to death, why are they only asking for 25 years? I am so fed up with this justice system.

  • Saucyroccia

    Psycho bia and shizhead. Death to em both. Fuck it who cares? Not them when they decided to bring a child they brought into this world! Pick on someone who can fight back– I DARE YOU.

  • stlmomof3

    Sad story. Why is this baby’s life only worth 25 years? She should have gotten life. I agree she should never be aloud to have more children. They should of included that in her punishment.

  • Georgia Parks

    I was locked with this woman n Clayton Jail. And yes she is looking fot attention! She had pictures of Tyler all over her cell. She would ask new people who didn’t know her crime if they wanted to see a picture of her “lil love bug” as s if he wer still alive!!in

  • Katyk

    It says concurrent 25 year sentences. So that’s a total of 50 yrs for both charges. Still not enough in my opinion.

  • erin

    I was to locked up with this girl in Clayton. She was on the 8th floor for the end of her stay there (that is the hole for those of you fortunate enough not to have been there). Although she was a seemingly nice person and got along with most people there what she did was awful and unless you were told by another immate what she did she pretty much wouldn’t tell you. I think you should be allowed to know what the people you sleep next to are there for. Twenty five years will never amount to that child’s life especially if she could be up for parole in as little as 20 years. She knew what she was doing and should have to take full responsibility. Though for those ofb you worried about her having children I thinkb she will be to old by the time she would get out to be worrying about that.

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