St. Charles attempted abduction victim looks similar to missing girl

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI)-- It was just after 7 p.m. Monday at a Target parking lot near Highway 94 and Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters. A 20-year-old woman who doesn`t want to be identified says a man approached her and tried to grab her, adding the man was waiting at the rear of her car.

"He yelled and I turned my head and he ran up to me. He was saying 'hey I saw you driving in your car and you`re so petty.' I kept on walking and he pulled my elbow back and tried to turn me around," she said.

What`s more bizarre is she has similarities to 19-year-old Bahia- Bisharat who went missing from St. Charles Community College last Wednesday. They share the same height, hair color and both attend the same nursing school. Her mother convinced her to speak out because of recent attempted abductions across the area.

"It definitely freaked me out. He was like in his 30s. I didn`t know him from anywhere. I didn`t go to school or work with him. He had a very different accent. He was Spanish or Latin American," she said.

FOX 2 contacted St. Peters police and they`re aware of the incident. The student plans to be more cautious and aware of her surroundings from now on. The student says she asked Target security to walk her to her car and they stood and watched until she drove off.

"Even if it was a random person, it was still very eye-opening. Just because you grow up and feel safe in one place does not mean you`re safe all of the time," she said.

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  • misty

    What does it matter if “you’re so pretty” is a pick up line or not and yes that is cottleville.

  • Art Vandalay

    So Goofygoober the Musclehead, you conclude because a truck with some Hispanic guys drives by, that they are the masterminds of a sophisticated international prostitution trafficking ring going around abducting and kidnapping suburban St Charles County women? What if they were just a group of landscapers looking for their next address to mulch? Ever think of that Frank Cannon???

  • Tom Foolery

    Not sure why it is relevant but it is most certainly in the city limits of St. Peters..St. Peters surrounds Cottleville on 3 sides

  • Bob Henderson

    Its really horrible this is what society has come to. I remember when you could roll down the street and holler at the ladies. But now days everyone is so paranoid and and brought up so sheltered.if a guy says hi in passing their creepy or trying to abduct you. Not saying this wasnt the case here I dont know all the details. Most likely just a foreigner that doesnt understand in america your only allowed to hit on girls in a bar or club.

    • Kate

      “I remember when you could roll down the street and holler at the ladies.”

      FYI: We’ve never liked it. Not even a little bit. Men like that are pigs and do not deserve any sort of positive attention from women.

  • Natasha

    Fyi I stay in st.peters off of muegge and yesterday a random lady came to my door and said she was doing a fun raiser for the disabled. She unenvitably open my door and stepped foot in my house lookin around and asked how many children I had. I noticed the paper she had for the gun raiser had nothing on it. I may be imagining things but im going to go with my gut on this one and keep an extra eye out the lady is about 5″4 short dark brown hair Caucasian with freckles.

  • Lolatyourcomment

    Zip codes mean nothing when your talking police or city jurisdiction. And goofyboob you crack me up mr powerlifter.

  • DM

    The thing that annoys me about this story is that they mention that this young woman looks like the one who is missing.
    Annnnnndddd? Is it her? Did anyone ask? Why is that put into this story?
    And yeah, I remember back in the 80s guys would holler and honk at us walking down the street and we didn’t think anything of it except that we liked the attention. lol Those days are LONG gone. :(

  • Ravensflight

    Time for the FBI to get involved in this case due to the fact that both woman were attending the same school. The local P’D. do not have the resources or man power to investigate this case.

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