Angry employee posts note for late boss and walks away from gas station

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI — A gas station employee left a note on the front door for his boss and left work. Why? Because he was tired of his supervisor’s tardiness.

The note says, “Hey boss, Learn to be on time or at least communicate when you are going to be late. +1hr with no phone call is unacceptable. As you can see, the doors are locked and I went home. Fire me if you must, but realize I walked due to YOUR negligence.”

FOX 17 reports that the manager was running late because she didn’t hear her alarm clock. She says the third-shift employee never called prior to locking up the store.



  • Zabrina

    I think its funny the manager said he didnt call! Its not his place to wake you up or call to see if your coming in!? Geez

  • john

    Managers are supposed to be held at a higher standard than a regular employee. If the manager was late the corporate office should have been notified and if the offending manager was a habitual tardy employee then punishment should have been assessed. All employees should have to adhere to rules the manager should be held at a higher standard. Abandonment of a position without notification whether to local management or corporate management should also be punishable. This being said the employee should have called the 1-800 number all employees have available to tell tthe powers that be that they were leaving cause of previous obligations and to arrange for relief to show or to let them know the store was not going to be manned. People dont think alot of the reprecussions of their actions. You go awol just like in the military except for instead of brig time you probably will be looking for another job.

    • angie

      wrong. as a manager in retail i can tell you that we cannot require any employee to stay past their scheduled time. if he gets fired for this, he actually has a case against the company, if he punches a time clock. any hourly associate that has to clock in only is required by law to work their scheduled hours. they cannot be required to stay past that time posted on the schedule. that’s why where i am at we schedule people until 15 after whatever time they get off. ie, 8-5:15, that covers a possible 5:00 associate who might be a few minutes late.

      • Brent

        Angie, as a fellow manager in the convenience store industry I just wanted to note that law is set at the state level so that isn’t always true. Some states it is, some it isn’t. So the employee might or might not have a case.

    • Todd Gack

      I am surprised Fox News didn’t lead off with this story as “breaking news”. I hear they are now working on an investigative report called “Long Lunch Hours”.

      • Matt Edwards

        They should investigate Post Office Supervisors! None clock in. It’s all hand written hours logged. They have been taking long lunches for over 40 years.

  • Dave DaBaconator Ernst

    i used to have a manager like this, cept we were required to stay on the premises, so usually it consisted of us smoking cigs and playing angry birds on our phones till the manager showed up, luckily it happened mostly in the spring nad summer months so our store had outside lawn furniture for us to sit on.

  • jeff

    The problem is that note days taking the required step in corporate America is nothing happens. To get issues resolved you must that actions yourself and go to extremes to get corporate shirts to pay attention. Social media and TV hurts the bottom dollar and that is how you get problems solved.

  • Sean

    I would have seriously considered leaving the place open….24/7 customer service and all that….and the tardy boss could have explained to her boss why items and gas were missing when she was supposed to be on duty.

    • Pam

      Then you would have been held liable for all missing/stolen merchandise. As long as it is locked up and everything secure/alarm set then your butt is covered.

  • Troy

    There are plenty to be said about this situation. The employee should be written up for leaving the store closed and unattended. The shift manager should be written up and demoted, maybe fired. No one is perfect and she could have very well overslept, sometimes in life we have unforseen things happen that can cause more problems. The note written is an attention getter and probably frustration too, not an attempt to fix the problem, which it did.. that’s why we’re commenting. Ownership is the key missing ingredient here.

  • Patrick

    People think because they get the paycheck and their name tag reads “manager” underneath their name that they can do whatever they want bad or good.

    A true “leader” has followers. It appears that this place of business was having issues that came to a point of chaos. Believe it or not it usually begins at the head and it works it’s way down unless of course you have an insubordinate employee in which case they should be reprimanded and if needed terminated. If I owned this store I would fire both parties involved and start over.

  • Gayla Slusher Dace

    In other industries, the manager would be considered a no call/no show and the employee who left would be considered abandoning his post. Luckily, neither individual has a professional license to lose. Personal responsibility….what the United States lacks.

    • Pam

      “Abandoning his post” We are not taking about the military. He worked his shift plus stayed over an hour later than he was supposed to be there. We don’t know if he had another job to get to or kids at home that he had to be there for.

      • Tsukihime

        I agree with you! We don’t know the situation the employee was put in. For all we know, he could be working the 3rd shift there, in order to not conflict with other responsibilities.

        It’s easy to say “He should have stayed there until some one came to relieve him”, but it’s not always feasible. What if the “boss” was 5 hours late? Should he be FORCED to stay there an extra 5 hours? Should he be FORCED to lose his day job, not get his kid to school or get to college himself because the “boss” wanted to sleep in?
        Why should the consequences of the “boss’s” actions be visited upon the employee who already completed his 8 hour shift?

        Furthermore, from the tone of the note left, this was a pattern. Most people won’t get this bent out of shape for a one time event. As for all the people saying “he abandoned his post” or “He should have called the corporate office”, be honest with yourselves! LOOK at that place! It’s clearly a “Mom and Pop shop” There won’t be a “corporate office” for a privately owned place. Not to mention, the manager may have ties with the owner, making the employee’s point of view more precarious.

  • Susan

    the employee should have written the owner or the managers supervisor each time the manager was late so documentation was done, then on this day the employee should have contacted the same supervisor/owner of the manager and explained they can not stay for what ever reason and explain what they were doing by leaving and left. then this manager should be dealt with and the employee promoted if he is suitable for the job.

  • Melissa

    Sometimes things just happen. Is what the manager did reoccurring? Has the employee ever been late due to any type of situation? Granted a manager is held to a higher standard than regular employess. She should have had enough respect for her employee to call and notify him that she was on her way and herr reason. He should not have just abandoned his position. This time it was because of her over sleeping and not hearing her alarm. But what if something more seriois would have occurred?

  • Debbie Smith

    A manager is supposed to be above the average cashier, I was a supervisor at my job for a while which means coming in earlier and staying later. I don’t blame the guy for leaving if it was him the manager would have fired him for coming in late.

  • egoist

    Funny, prior to this, I have never heard of another employee being late, causing an employee to have to hang around. Joe would be tossed if I owned the joint.

  • KC

    The note is on the inside of the door, and the story says “never called before he locked up”. He locked the doors and walked out. Can’t say u blame him, though there Are other ways to handle this situation I can’t say in the heat if the moment I wouldn’t have done the same. And neither can any of you ” better than thou” people who are saying he should have reported to corporate. Would that have crossed your mind if your boss was constantly late and it got stuck on you? I bet you’d be mad and storm out.
    At least he locked the doors.

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