“I don’t want another girl!” Baby reveal goes wrong

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(KTVI) – What happens when a little boy with two sisters finds out he’s getting another sibling?  This if it’s another girl!

This video was posted to YouTube and captures the reaction of a Baby reveal gone terribly wrong.

In his defense, he is surrounded by girls. A little boy can only take so much!

It started out calm. Mom and dad asked the kids what they thought the new baby would be.  Gunner said, a boy.  Hence the smile on his face. baby reveal

Then it was time to cut the “baby reveal” cake. To his dismay, it was pink inside.

baby reveal 0

And then his dismay turns to disbelief.  Gunner asked his parents again as if the answer would change. But it didn’t. baby reveal 2

Then came the tears.

baby reveal 4

Gunner said, “It’s a girl! It’s always a girl.”   “I hate girls. Every time it’s Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl.”

baby reveal 3

It’s too much…

baby reveal 5




  • myssa

    Those saying bad thing like this video will work for birth control, I hope it does for you! Kids are kids and this boy just found out he was having another sister when he wanted a brother. This is the third time his hopes have been crushed. The father saying he wanted another boy too, I take its as him saying I wanted a boy but look I am happy with a girl too. I feel for that boy! A house full of girls is going to be tough.

  • Katie

    Poor kid, I think he just wanted a buddy of his own. The dad shouldn’t have been egging him on, that wasn’t very nice.

  • John Taylor

    Oh so many things to say about this but will keep it brief. This is a family matter and not really something that should be on Youtube. What is his new sister going to say in 12 years about her older brother when she sees it? Dad, you need to spend a lot of time with this young man now! I grew up with 4 sisters and yes it is rough at times but he will grow up and love his sisters.

    • Kyle Minor

      Uhm, Shes not going to say anything to her older brother about it because by the time shes 12 he will be somewhere around 17. I dont think shes going to care dude. sweeeerveee

  • Pamela

    My heart breaks for this little guy! He wanted a brother so badly! I have 4 younger brothers and no sisters. I love them all dearly but so always wanted a sister. I can relate to him! I now have 4 grandsons and no granddaughters and neither one of my children want any more children. I’m waiting for the day to be a great grandma and have a great granddaughter!

  • Mark Murphy

    There’s an easy way out of it. Tell him it’s Gods decision. Then remind him the Easter Bunny is coming in 3 weeks.

  • Cherokee

    Good luck little dude. Thank God you have a little more time to not have to share your toys. Congrats little ladies. Mom and dad get ready for when all the girls start arguing over panties. .. Haha and it will happen I didn’t believe til mine did.

  • Heather

    wow you can see on the comments that these men do not need or deserve kids. They have no patients. that is sad. I thought this

  • cricket

    I think it was very rude to let the kid find out like that. There’s other ways to deal with it. And yes the dad was edging him on. I really felt soor for this kid, Dont think he should have put it on facebook.

  • Hob OBrien

    Well everyone sure does have an opinion don’t they! Jeeze guys.

    It’s hilarious and dad is just trying to make him feel better. You know what I think? “You’re all ruining this family moment with your rediculous opinions and this poor family is going to read your comments and feel horrible about a special moment they shared with their children. How do you feel now?”

    • Sidney

      Hey Hob – based on this father’s classless statement he’s incapable of feeling bad (or any type of self reflection), otherwise he never would have said the horrible thing he said in front of his daughters. He’s a scumbag and PROVED it in the video. Case closed.

  • Homer

    I was dismayed when the father said he felt the same way. The look on his daughter’s face at that point was heart wrenching. Hoping that little bit of rejection won’t stay with her. It was so sweet when to hear the little sister trying to comfort her brother. She is a wonderful human being. Best wishes for a happy healthy new daughter.

  • MJR

    At first his reaction was funny and then it just turned into being a brat. Some may not see it the way I do, but I think it was ridiculous. I can totally understand he wanted a brother and I’m sad he was so upset burnout was ridiculous to keep recording him. Oh the dad comment, I think he could have said it a little different but I don’t think he is horrible for the comment either. But hey, everyone takes the video different!

  • Darlin'

    I find it completely irresponsible for the parents to continue video taping a child who is clearly so disappointed. It isn’t funny. Posting on Youtube is even worse. This is out here FOREVER! For him to be reminded of and for the new one to see. He is sad and disappointed, he should have been comforted not made into a joke.

  • Jacquelyn

    I am a mom of 2, My husband wanted a boy and i wanted a girl. we ended up with 2 boys. I thought the cake was a clever way of telling the other kids what they were having. I feel bad for Gunner though, I try and even my house out by having 2 girl dogs. Him and his dad are going to have to spend lots of special one on one time together, as well as him and his mom. It is going to be hard being the only boy. He will grow up loving and protecting every one of his sisters though, despite his reaction on the video. And Im sure any parent would understand his disappointment.

  • cathy

    This is cruel to post this video. The boy is not old enough to make an informed decision about whether he wants this out in the universe. Poor parenting.

  • kim

    wow, I think this child should be taught to appreciate! at first reactionwas fine but to go on and on about it he needs to be sat down and told he was going to be very important now as a big bro, not to keep letting him throw a fit, come one now hes gotta be at least six years old, and to let him whine like that is ridiculous, if he was mine he would be in time out , sorry!

  • Sidney

    TO THE LITTLE GIRLS: I can only hope you wind up with men that value you more than your father. Your Dad is a scumbag. Period.

  • Ryan

    I just kicked my girl out of my house cause shes preggo with a broad. How you like that. Told her she can come back if its a boy or it gets adopted

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