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Illinois House OKs measure to allow bobcat hunting

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SPRINGFIELD, IL (AP) – Illinois lawmakers have advanced a proposal to allow bobcat hunting for the first time in more than 40 years.

The Springfield bureau of Lee Enterprises reports the Illinois House voted 91-20 Thursday in favor of the measure. It now goes to the Senate.

Illinois banned hunting of the nocturnal animal in 1972. Bobcats were on the threatened species list from 1977 to 1999.

But supporters say the population has made a comeback.

Republican state Rep. Wayne Rosenthal of Morrisonville is the bill’s sponsor.

He says the bobcat population is growing in rural, non-farming areas of western and southern Illinois.

The hunting and trapping season would occur sometime between Nov. 1 and Feb. 15. A hunter would be allowed to kill one bobcat per year.


The bill is HB4226.

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  • momofthree

    Let me state for the record. Most hunters take hunting seriously and do not do it just for sport. They do it for two reasons. One to get food. Two to have population control. If Stupid Hunters as you called them did not hunt deer we would be over run, The same with other animals. If we don’t keep the populations of bob cats down because of Tree Hugers, then you will notice an increase in bob cat attacks or maligns and an increase in farm animal attacks. When they over populate it will push them it to residential back yards were children play. Do you want to be the one to tell the parents your sorry their child was killed and malled because you did not want the hunters to kill the poor bob cats? I am not a hunter but I am not stupid either, if this was not needed then they would not be looking at doing it.

    • Lloyd Braun

      No, its called “we built too many Walmarts and Walgreens on THEIR habitat, so now we got to kill them because of our own idiocy”

  • Jamie Lidster

    Its ok call me a stupid person cause i hunt for food, and i wont call you stupid for not educating yourself on the ideas before you speak thanks Todd

    • Todd Gack

      “I hunt for food” is the load of manure ever foisted on the American public by the gun lobby hunter crowd. What a croc. Indians in the 1800s hunted to survive. Cavemen hunted to survive. Are you a caveman? Do you have no way of eating unless you kill a bobcat? Do you even eat bobcat? Are you really that stupid? You don’t need to hunt to survive and live. That’s why we raise cattle and chickens and turkeys and pigs etc. You don’t need to hunt. Go to Schnucks.. Go to McDonalds. You are making yourself a laughing stock claiming you need to hunt to survive you idiot

  • Joe

    I’m a hunter. Have been basicly my whole life.
    And the bobcat population where I hunt is out of control.
    People think “oh it was on the threaten list, so it must be protected”. Well you are wrong.
    The woods needs balance, predator and pray have to be the same.
    Introduced animals are always bad, thankfully bobcats are native.
    With that being said it’s a good idea. But many people still shoot them rather they should or not. It’s sad to say it but it’s true.
    But it’s not passed yet so let it work itself out.

    Thanks… Joe.

  • Kelsie

    I live about 7 mins out of town and we have a small farm and have frequent bobcat attacks. They are not scared or careful they walk in our yard often and get chickens. I have small children and dogs and they are getting way too brave.

    • Kc

      I love hunting just as much as the other hunters but just to state some facts and some truth behind this, bobcats are one aggressive creature they are well populated in my area and are at the top of the food chain.. My lab had puppies last year inside of a 5 foot and close cage outside for bobcats got in and ate and drug off every puppy besides one.. I don’t hate bobcats but I do know there are aggressive and starting to get overpopulated it would not hurt to start sending my mouth a little bit!! My trail camera called the bobcats attacking the puppies and if anyone would like to see some facts I would send these photos to you

  • middleman

    Hey, you hostile people. I did not call anybody stupid. I said the idea was stupid. If you are so scared for your livestock and children, get a couple of Great Pyrenees dogs. Bears back off from them, and they are very smart and gentle

  • sandy

    What I don’t understand is the fact that we have taken over forest and woods where the animals always lived so that we can build subdivisions, malls, etc. and then sit back and wonder why there are wild animals in our backyards. We have run them out of their homes and the sad thing is that some day soon there will not be any animals for us to observe.

  • Brent

    There will always be animals to watch and
    Look at hunters are conservationist we won’t
    Let that happen as a hunter balance and control
    Is the most important maybe we should start
    Thinning out the yuppie population so the critters
    Will have there habitat back those that complain
    That we took over there home I guess you all live
    In some random gave instead of fixing our pets
    Maybe we get some if the stupid people that shouldn’t
    Reproduce fixed we might be better off

  • Lloyd Braun

    Typical of the ignorance and urge to kill by the human race. Let’s hunt animals for sport because they are no longer endangered (after we killed so many we made them endangered in the first place)! Lets show those dumb animals how superior we are to other mammals by shooting defenseless animals! Lets make them endangered again! Lets kill God’s creatures for FuN! Yeah! Lets shoot some animals! Lets take over their habitat with subdivisions, golf courses, Walmarts and Walgreens, and then KILL THEM because they are now invading “our space”! You can’t fix stupid. What possible pleasure do any of you gun loving nut case hunters get out of murdering a defenselss Bobcat with a shotgun? Idiots.

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