Missouri man smells so bad that police remove him from City Hall

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Image courtesy of the Hannibal Courier-Post

HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) – It wasn’t loud noise or an argument that led to a peace disturbance call at Hannibal City Hall, it was a person’s unpleasant odor.

The Hannibal Courier-Post reports that several city hall workers on Tuesday called police to complain that a person who came into the building smelled so bad they wanted him removed. The northeast Missouri town’s municipal code allows people to be cited for peace disturbance because of a “noxious and offensive” odor.

The man agreed to leave the building. A short time later, workers at a neighboring business called police, the same person had gone there, the smell following with him.

The person left that building, too, at the urging of police. No arrest was made.

Information from: Hannibal Courier-Post, http://www.hannibal.net


  • JPW

    Wow what an ingorant and inappropriate article. Perhaps this man was homeless, ill, even dying. Do we forget he is someones son, brother, uncle, perhaps even father? Regardless of the reason do we need to write an article about this person? He could have anything wrong with him. Did anyone consider to help? Give him resources? Nearest shelter? I have always followed ch 2 and I no longer will. Maybe I’m going overboard to some but I just think what if this were myself or my family member. You should be ashamed channel 2. The same goes for any other station who posts/reports on this.

    • Mike Beilsmith

      I know this individual. He was a grade ahead of me in school. The reason he is in the shape he is is because he was/is a narcotics abuser. He has plenty of cash on him, but his brain cells are gone. He just chooses to be this dirty unkempt person who wears wool coats when is 95 and 100 degrees outside. He receives several taxpayer supplied benefits and spends it in bars.

    • ldh

      Good grief you folks don’t know what HAS been offered to this person over and over again. He refuses to help himself. Hannibal is small enough that the people in the situation know this individual and have to deal with his shenanigans on a frequent basis. I’m a very compassionate person, but this wasn’t a matter of simple b.o. I’m sure law enforcement is sick to death of dealing with this individual. Newsworthy, perhaps not, but all this criticism so undeserved.

  • Art Vandalay

    This is an outrage. This is clear discrimination against stinky people. This man has a constitutional right to be stinky. When you start violating the rights of stinky people, what’s next? Hairy people? People with bad breath? Women with nasty cottage cheese rumps? Where will it end?

  • Joan Lauterbach

    So sad…Did anyone offer to take him home and clean him up and give him a good meal?
    Or at least get him a motel room where he could shower and a gift certificate for a decent mean?

    • JPW

      I don;t know him at all my comment stemmed from what someone previously wrote so your question should be for him/her.

    • Cuivre

      It is this man’s responsibility to take care of himself- not other people. He needs to be made to live by today’s society’s standards. It is ost likely due to sheer laziness, like most other ills in today’s culture and society. If we molly-coddle these people, there will only be MORE of them.

  • DM

    I agree with JPW. This is NOT news. It would’ve been news if they had something else to report like Billy Bob was helped by so&so by helping him to the local YMCA/homeless shelter/hospital/clinic etc. And they all lived happily ever after. They could’ve listed areas where people can get help. I know…they’re probably not gonna read the article but other people might…people who could help him. Maybe he had a serious infection that needed to be treated. Maybe he needed clean clothes.
    People pass judgement way too soon without knowing his background.
    This story is ridiculous!

  • Laura

    I am going to click on the little tiny arrow at the far right top of this original post. Then I am going to click “I don’t want to see this” and click on the “it is not newsworthy” line. If everyone does that, CH2 AND FB will take notice. This IS NOT news worthy. Shame on CH 2!

  • Art Vandalay

    I think there should be a federal investigation into Hannibal’s discriminatory practices against old stinky men

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