Mother who tried to drown baby in toilet charged in death of second child

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Elyse Mamino

BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – A woman convicted of attempting to drown a baby in a toilet is now being charged for the murder of a second baby.

Elyse Mamino is currently serving six years for the attempted murder of her child in November 2008 in Columbia, IL. Mamino reportedly said she didn’t know she was pregnant when her child was reported to police as dead in a toilet. Police were able to immediately begin life saving resuscitation efforts. The living child is now in State care while Mamino sits in prison.

During the investigation, Columbia detectives learned that Mamino may have given birth to a baby in September 2007 in Belleville. Police found the bones of another infant in a basement where Mamino lived. According to a release from Belleville police, ” Detectives located the remains of a child in a plastic bag, wrapped in a towel, in a dresser drawer, in the basement of the residence during the execution of the warrant.”

Police say that the baby boy was born alive and died after being put in the plastic bag.

Belleville and Columbia police continued to investigate. New information in the case led Belleville authorities to recently charge Elyse Mamino with one count of first degree murder, and one count of concealment of a homicidal death. Mamino’s bond is set at $1,000,000.

She has been taken from prison in Lincoln, IL and is currently being held in the St. Clair County Jail.

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  • ashley hyatt

    How disgusting! Serving only 6 years!! She should be serving life. No one should hurt innocent children.

    • tamisheffler

      Exactly!! Non-violent 1st time offenders get 15 years and 22 years but this piece of scum who killed 1 and attempted to kill another gets what? I urge everyone to bombard Judge Kenneth Pratte in St. Francois County, 24th Judicial Circuit Court District 2 with phone calls, emails and letters about the brother and sister he sentenced to 15 years and 22 years for growing marijuana for their own use. These runaway judges will never stop until we stop them! You or a family member could be next! Their parents have lost everything trying to defend them against this tyrannical over zealous judge who by the way has been reeking havoc on St Francois residents for 32 years!! Read the story and reasons they received such harsh sentences. Google David and Natalie DePriest. Complete b.s.!! Our prisons are full of non-violent offenders like the DePriest’s! Please speak up before it happens to you or someone you love. The war on drugs is not working and is ruining lives!! Decriminalize marijuana.

      Circuit Court Judge Div. 2
      Kenneth W. Pratte
      1 N. Washington Suite 202
      Farmington, MO 63640
      (573) 756-5144 ext. 4
      (573) 756-3733 (fax)

    • Dazednconfused

      Without calling me a troll, can you please explain to me the purpose of this is? Why would I want to go to your site and read the exact same article that is here? Just doesn’t make sense. And why should we care? That is always your comment, that’s it’s reblogged. Well congratulations! 😳. Why not make a comment and actually say something. You come across as very annoying to a lot of people.

      • Brittius

        I don’t want you to go to my blog site. I have my own readers. The “Reblogged this on”, is not from me. It is a time date stamp from, the parent of the blog platform that I use, and Fox uses, as well as other news agencies. It indicates an Authorized Use, of re-posting. The readers of my blog, unless I write my own article, gets only a portion of the article and the link brings them to where I reblogged the article from. The reblogging is part of the blog sharing and encouraged by If I write my own article, and over the past 4 1/2 years there are many, somewhere in with the 50K (+) articles on scroll format, then, the person reading the article gets the complete article.
        From that point, what would I be looking for? I do not make a penny. No clicks, no ads from me other that if dumps an ad and I cannot stop them from doing that. Well, I am retired. I am a registered member of the Conservative Party. I have no candidates. No Marxists. Not RINOs. We do need for an even keel in life. I blog many pro-American and conservative articles. My comments are at times on a conservative radio show, I will not plug as Fox might not like that. I also blog crimes. I retired as a detective sergeant. I show misuses of firearms where crimes occur and at times, where life is taken. I will at times, have a retired Liberal journalist do a guest article, and his work is, top shelf. Fairness. Why? Because, if you are old enough to remember, JFK said it best, when he said, “the decade of the 1960s America is going to the Moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard”. Being fair, is hard. I also blog at times things of veterans’ concerns, as I am a USMC/Vietnam combat veteran, and on that score, it’s only correct to say, you know where I stand on topics of tradition, family, and government. That’s basically it. I do not ask anyone to go to my site, and am not amused when I reblog and the stamp “Reblogged this…”, pops up and people think that I put it there. If I had my way, nothing would appear. Some blogs, allow “Share This” as linking only, and that is fine with me, but most, news sites, where better news is involved, have only the reblog button activated. Maybe the administrators do it for a reason (?). I don’t know. I dislike calling people trolls, but comments negatively made against me for an Authorized Use, is, uncalled for. I do not comment on much f what I reblog, to keep my personal thoughts out of it, as readers will be reading and should, make their own decisions about news content, rather than some entertaining or witty comment. My comments too, have a tendency of being rather serious, due to my background, and I am engrossed with Foreign Relationships, and Political Science. A certain news personality on another network other than Fox, when her father speaks on foreign relationships, I am totally wrapped up into his words.
        Look at the brighter side, the economy might someday get better and I can work, because I always enjoyed working, or, I could, keel over and drop dead. No joke. Life does its own thing.
        I hope this has answered your inquiry sufficiently. I blog, to get the word out to people. All over the globe.

  • MOMof3

    They should require a full hyterectomy for any woman that does something like this!! It should be ILLEGAL for her to reproduce!

  • middleman

    Have to agree with you all. If this beast can do this to an infant, she is too dangerous to be allowed to give birth again, or be allowed to walk free and hurt someone else’s child. What a psycho

  • STL

    It really should be a law banning some people from procreating. Great, in six years she can get out and get pregnant again.

  • djr813

    It is absolutely ridiculous that people like this are not sterilized. Perfectly capable and caring women are unable to have children and monsters like this are popping them out left and right just to kill them. I can’t wrap my head around it.

  • Cheewawa

    She’s currently in prison for attempted murder. The baby from the toilet is alive. She’s not had a trial for the murder and concealment. Hopefully her sentence will be life, or death penalty!

    • ashley hyatt

      Hopefully death. We shouldnt have to waste tax payers money on keeping these sad excuses of human beings alive.

  • metatronking

    It is too bad she did not work over at hope clinic in Granite City or at Duncan and Boyle in the central west end. She could have murdered her baby with impunity. A lot of hypocracy in the comment section today.

  • laci

    I don’t understand the reason behind the current spike in child abuse/deaths/neglect cases lately? Every other day I hear about or see on fb, about another innocent child being tortured, kidnapped, raped or killed. Anyone who abuses children, especially their own, should get life in prison or the death penalty. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR KIDS and speak up. As for the comment about “single mothers” and religion. Child Abuse has no limits it has nothing to do with race, gender, religion, sexual preference, marital status or economic status. THIS IS NOT THE ISSUE. The issue: its happening and most people turn a blind eye to this issue and don’t report what they have witnessed or suspect. THAT’S THE ISSUE. Another thing, how dare you call this woman a whore. I see a lost and troubled human being, who did a terrible thing and she should be put in prison for the rest of her life, however, I do not see a whore. DO NOT CALL ANY WOMAN A WHORE because when you do you are setting a bad example for the people around you. Would you let another man call a woman in your life a whore? Calling this woman or any for that matter a whore, slut or any other derogatory name doesn’t make you part of the solution but the problem. HOW IS THAT FOR A WOMAN STANDING UP FOR WOMEN?

  • guestguest

    wow! if thats not a religous spark of insanity I do not know what is…I happen to be an unwed mother of TWO children and they seem to be just fine…sorry but not all of us unwed mothers have that tinge of insanity that this woman happen to let loose on…so you can take your contradictory comment and shove it MEME…even mothers who are married can display that kind of intention as well…like the one who murdered her children left and right in Illinois over 25 years ago…

    it was horrible what this woman has done dispite the fact of her martital status…she could have simply given the children up for adoption…but hopefully she does pay for it whith this new evidence they now have against her….throw the book and give her execution…if the other prisoners dont have their way with her first that is…

  • Tina Roberts

    MEME, Making the comment about un-wed mothers, didn’t sit well with me. I was a un-wed mother who truly raised a very respectful daughter. She was a straight A student in school and is now deployed serving our country in the US Army. So just because your a single mother doesn’t give you the right to say that we don’t know how to raise our kids right. Being a retired police officer I have dealth with married couples who don’t know what parenting is. I have taken kids away from them from newborn on up who have been abused. I was raised catholic and didn’t believe in abortion. I knew I could give my daughter all the love in the world, no matter if I was married or single.

  • Stephanie

    She deserves the death penalty!!! Maybe someone should drown her in a toilet and let her die in plastic bag. Just another useless life on this earth. I have no respect for child abusers and killers!

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  • middleman

    Has anyone considered the possibility that this horrible person had a terrible case of post partum psychosis? It is a condition well known about all over the world that is deadly to young infants. Some countries do not even prosecute women who kill their children that are less than a year old. They put them in hospitals, Just saying

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