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Residents displaced after small apartment fire leads to power shut-off

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) -A high rise apartment fire in St. Ann forces more than 161 residents to evacuate into the cold. The fire started on the tenth floor of the 14 story building. The flames did little damage but the water from the sprinklers caused lots of problems.

Resident Susan Tracy said, “A pain in the neck and scary you got to get out grab whatever you need.”

A resident was cooking when it happened.

St. Ann Mayor Michael Corcoran said, “She was wearing some type of shawl or sweater or something. It caught the flame, caught on fire. Evidently she threw that under the sink which caught fire to the cabinet under there.”

Immediately the sprinklers began spraying and extinguished the flames. No one was hurt but the water kept flowing from the tenth floor down to the first.

Resident Larry Fryer said, “Water started coming out in the apartment almost to my ankle.”

Power had to be shut off to the building.

Metro showed up with buses to keep the evacuated residents warm. While most people went to stay with family or friends, about 50 were brought to the St. Ann Community Center where the American Red Cross set up a shelter and fed them lunch.

Cindy Erickson is the regional CEO with the Red Cross. She said, “Our priority is making sure everybody has a safe place to stay.”

Folks appreciated the Red Cross assistance; still they were not looking forward to sleeping in a shelter. Lee Esther Thomas was one of them.

Thomas said, “I think the apartment building should put me up in a hotel so I can have some privacy because I pay my rent you know.”

The company that owns the apartment building checked residents into a Super 8 motel early Friday afternoon.

Residents’ pets were taken to the St. Ann Animal Control Shelter where volunteers will care for two dogs, nice cats, two birds and one fish until they can return to their owners.

Shannon Fleschert is the St. Ann animal control officer. She said, “It feels great it’s heartwarming to see them relax at least a little bit knowing their pet is going to be safe.”

Meanwhile rehab crews arrived to soak up the water and dry out the building.

Mayor Corcoran said, “We had outlets that were blowing the circuit breakers we got make sure everything is dry and up to code.”

It could be a few days before residents can return to their apartments. The Red Cross will follow the people making sure they are cared for. Their rent will be pro-rated for the days they are not living in their apartments.


  • Brittius

    When Super Storm Sandy hit, I was in the flood for three days. Icy cold water. Lost power two days before Halloween and got it back the day after Thanksgiving. You adjust. Not all that bad. Did not have to vacate.

    • 2cents

      ok so your independent this group is ederly with lots of medications low income and in a 14 story building imagine 99 year old man taking 14 stories of stairs? now imagine 150 and 90 of them on scooters cause they cant walk get off your computer and go help!

  • Brittius

    Very good. Now there’s more detail, but no desire of people to be weakened. 14 story structure and no diesel back-up generator? Come on. As a cop, I responded to a few hospital evacuations when fire alarms went off, and off-duty as a Volunteer fire fighter, we evacuated Senior nursing homes, but here on Long Island, NY, where there are always storms and power outages, every place has back-up diesel generators.
    As far as me getting off the computer, nope. I am Following every news blog where trolls comment negatively when I reblog news articles. I live within minutes of a few of the Fox people in New York, and here, it feeling is, they want the news spread around. Fox affiliates were told about this also. The bloggers are not any problem, the trolls are. By the way, three trolls, worked at stations and lost their jobs for interfering. Let’s get the news out and spread. Blogs are about getting feedback. Fox, is an excellent news source.

    • Joe Flint

      You don’t have to be a troll to get tired of this “reblog” stuff. Just steal the articles for your “news according to me”, and don’t say anything.

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