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Volunteers search for missing nursing student

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DARDENNE PRAIRIE, MO (KTVI)-- A search was held for missing nursing student, 19-year-old Bahia Bisharat, Saturday morning. Family, friends, and those just wanting to help gathered at the St. Charles Community College Nursing Center then went and searched the nearby Busch Wildlife Preserve hoping to find some sign of the missing teen.

The nursing school student was last seen just before a class on March 19th. Her car was found on the campus. Authorities have said that there was a note inside, saying good bye. But loved ones aren't convinced she wrote that note, despite the fact police have said all along there are no signs of foul play.

Loved ones say that just disappearing is out of character for Bahia, and they still believe they will find her.

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  • Art Vandalay

    Why have the police not already searched the Wildlife conservation area? Wouldn’t that be the first place they would have searched since her car was not gone from the school lot and the school is next to the wildlife area?

  • Jesse

    I live right by there. Busch wildlife is not right next to the college. It’s probably 10 miles away. And if they were smart they would check the trail that runs behind the college. It leads to a bunch of woods and a pond.

    • Art Vandalay

      They are focusing on one particular corner of the wildlife area. That must be for a particular reason that isn’t being made public. You would have hoped the police would have already thoroughly searched around the school.

      • Art Vandalay

        SSwiney, you are obviously mentally challenged. Moneybags posted she may have met with foul play. HE suggested checking the river banks. HE suggested there may be foul play. So your comment is nonsensical. The thought that she “may have run away” does not in any way render my comment not a valid response to his comment. He sounds like he may have knowledge of her whereabouts, and may have something to do with her disappearance. I know this is far too complex for your thimble sized brain, but I am sure that won’t stop you from saying something else stupid.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Forget the liberal troll george..he gets bored in Mommy’s basement and basically runs his mouth to get attention..when mommy finds out about his online activity, he will lose his playstation for a week or so..

    • Art Vandalay

      Finding a missing girl has nothing to do with liberal or conservative you fricking ignorant dumbfochs. I truly believe you both have something to do with this you perverted wackos.

      • Art Vandalay

        Huh, I didn’t realize fox 2 news was a porno site Moneybags. Quit jacking it to Dave Murray’s forecasts you sick wacko.

      • Steven Sweeney

        Then you truly are as stupid as you sound..Is that possible? Does Mommy make you wear a helmet in the basement? Is that sock puppet your only friend? Secret lover? get help art,gack, braun, seinfeld laundry list of mommy’s basement loser aliases..

      • Art Vandalay

        Who you talking to teeny weeny Sweeney? I am not Gack or braun or whoever else you’re talking about dimwit. Did it ever occur go you that more than 2 or 3 people post here nits? By the way, you can stop posting as Moneybags dope.

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