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Deadline for ACA health insurance enrollment is Monday

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(KTVI)-Monday, March 31, is the deadline to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, sometimes called Obamacare. The Obama administration has announced that the federal health insurance exchange has begun meeting enrollment goals, but there's still is a major push to convince people that the system for signing up, actually works.

More than six million people have now signed up for insurance through, but, under the law, everyone is supposed to be insured in some way by Monday at 11:59pm. That’s when open enrollment period for 2014 ends. Those without health insurance after that deadline face a fine of $95 or 1 percent of their income.

Website: Important ACA Health Insurance Marketplace Dates

The fact that the program has reached the six-million enrollee benchmark is being touted as a victory by Washington, especially after the nightmare start for the program October 1st, 2013. You'll recall horrific problems with the website, which kept crashing and kicking people off.

Those problems, for the most part, have now been solved, but with the deadline to sign up upon us, people are being warned again about the possibility of long wait times on the site. But at the same time officials are touting its ease of use.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius told reporters, "It's easy to sign up between now and Monday at midnight. or, the English and Spanish version of the website, is working very smoothly. Yesterday, in fact, we had one and half million visitors to the website and people were able to move through fairly quickly.

The deadline is for people who live where the federal government is running the sign-up website. States running their own exchanges set their own deadlines.

To sign up before the deadline, visit or you can call 1-800-318-2596 to sign up by phone.

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  • GaboonViper67

    Everybody, I mean everybody….just ignore it. It will crumble without money. Do NOT sign up for Obamacare. Let it die and let it’s death and failure be Obama’s legacy.

    • Tom in Florida

      And no one is talking about the very high deductibles. For those who do not understand this, a deductible is what you have to pay out of pocket before insurance kicks in. In most cases it is over $3000 per year! That’s right, you pay your monthly premium and then all of your deductible before you get any insurance benefit. And the deductible starts all over each year! So if you are paying $200 per month with a $3000 deductible it will cost you $2400 in premiums and $3000 out of pocket, that’s $5400 you must spend before insurance pays. That means unless there is a serious illness or injury, low income people still cannot afford everyday medical expenses.

      • John Beckwith

        Everything you just said has been true for health insurance long before Obama came along. You also forgot 2 little things that are gone now, limited lifetime payouts and not being able to get insurance if you already have a condition.

      • Linda Fiedler

        Thats not true. For a Dr. visit in the office you only have to pay your co/pay. If you have to have blood work or xray you only do your co/pay if its done in the DR. office. The deductable kicks in if you have to go to the hospital or have surgery and I can almost gurantee you that the deductable will be cheaper than several thousands of dollars you will be paying without insurance. Its a shame more people don’t learn about how insurance works instead of just listening to all the people that are so against our president that they are willing to go without healthcare.

  • Jacob Vanderhorn

    Signing up may be easier, but the appeal process is a real mesh! It is impossible to get information about the status of one’s appeal since all manpower is busy with signing up people.

  • Maurice

    OK so we kill Obamacare then we go back to what? Any bright ideas from the right? Nothing? I thought so!! Even if you don’t like him you have to give the guy kudos for at trying to really resolve this burning issue.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Bath house Barry passed this atrocity on his watch and it’s nobody’s responsibility except his.All ACA has done is put more on medicaid, which is why they are hiding the numbers.As far as the pre existing condition comment above, you already forgot the little girl who was DENIED a double lung transplant-oops! This atrocity will thankfully cost the commie left the mid terms then the 2016 elections.

    • Linda Fiedler

      I am very happy with what I have thru the ACA. I have always had a deductable so that doesn’t bother me, at least I’m covered now. All the people complaining about this, it isn’t about Obama, its about having health insurance. I suspose if Romney had gotten elected and he pushed the exact same insurance then nobody would complain because the ACA is a copy of what he would have pushed for. Stop paying attention to all the GOP negativity and get on board before you lose everything you own while you are trying to pay off medical bills because you don’t like our president. By the way, deductables don’t apply to a Dr. office visit.

      • Byebye2libtard

        I hope you understand that everyone else is paying for what you have so I’m glad your happy with it lol may be some day you can try to support yourself with out stealing from your nieghbors wallets.

      • GG

        Eventually Linda Fielder…. Even you will run out of “other people’s money.” Then what are you going to do?

  • Mel

    Only a Knuckle dragging boot lip, would think, that the people without insurance, and having trouble paying bills already, could be forced into his system.

  • Catherine Ann Delamater

    I dont care if they fine me 95.00, because that isnt going to scare me. People need to hold thier ground and NOT sign up for Obama care!!! I am a poor student, my husband is the only one with a job right now, and things are tight. I am practicing some good old fashioned “civil disobedance”! Screw that Obama care!

  • Jeffrey

    ^ Or 1% of your income which would be much greater than the $95.00 mark… however stand your ground I agree with you Catherine! Let this ObamaCare Implode!! The Federal Government has all ready said that this will cause our Debt to Sky rocket even more…

    Oh wait a minute this isn’t new to the Biggest Spender in Chief or his loyal rugrats. See this is what Liberal Media does not explain to the Obama Lovers?!?!

    I’m grabbing popcorn and watching!

  • Jeffrey

    These people are also crazy thinking Obama Care is the best thing ever! For example most of his cheap monthly payment plans are theoretically great, however when you average these high deductible plans…. example $3,000-$10,000 depending on what plan you have. It adds up, in order for your Obama Care insurance to kick in you must fully pay your monthly premiums on top of meeting the minimum deductible in 1 years time, if you don’t…. well your left holding the bag for all the costs. So while in theory it may seem great? Its a tax on the poor and uneducated people about these plans from the start of this Bias Plan of action from the White House Administration as well as President Barrack Obama!
    Forget about filing Bankruptcy under the new Health-Care law it now clearly stats that no matter what by & under Federal law you are obligated no matter your circumstances are you are still mandated to pay! Good luck people.
    So remember this people I voted for the other guy! America is now the Hand-out nation, Health-Care people think that is great,Food Stamps for literally anyone, Housing assistance for the minority….
    America is so Racially divided, where is my assistance? Joking never want any! I’d rather do it the ” OLD AMERICAN” way and work for everything else my self!!

  • J. K. Bagley

    There is a substantial difference between Romney’s health plan in Massachusetts and the federal plan. Executing a health care initiative at the state level allows a great deal of sensitivity to local health issues, quicker response to problems, and far lower costs. Think about it; are the healthcare needs of Maine the same as of California? Of course not. This well-intended solution to the health insurance gap will end up being as successful as the DEA and other poorly conceived federal programs…that is, not successful at all.

  • tiredofourgovernment

    But someone tried to argue with me on FB when I commented coming just short of saying that Obummer care was the best thing since sliced bread.
    I think it should be called the Unaffordable Care Act as the prices are outrageous. Not too mention Substandard health care.
    Obummer and his healthcare are all bad for all Americans

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