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Federal authorities pleased with conviction of St. Clair Co. Judge

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – 'Satisfied', that`s how federal authorities feel after a St. Clair County Circuit Judge was sentenced to two years in prison for drug and firearm`s violations Friday. Reporter Betsey Bruce reports the investigation that rocked the Belleville court house began with a tip from a low level drug dealer.

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  • Steven Sweeney

    Democrat judge from a long line of democrats in a corrupt democrat state like Illinois..bye bye will still blame the tea party..Liberals like that are why this country is so screwed up..

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Yeah, why shouldn’t the feds be happy: They sent this rich, privileged, phony hypocrite trash to prison for TWO WHOLE YEARS, while this same judge likely sentenced hundreds if not thousands of people guilty of FAR LESS crimes such as trivial cocaine or crack possession to 20 YEARS in prison during the Reagan/Republican “war on drugs” period with mandatory long sentences for trivial drug possession.

    Yep, sounds fair and just to me! Only in America, of course, only in America.

    Steven and other mental misfits will still blame liberals… Tea Party Republican conservatives like Steven and his good pals Reagan and Bush are why this country was screwed up, and continues to be screwed up. (Liberals would have never crowded our prisons and jails with non-violent, petty drug offenders – that was the Reagan/Republican “law enforcement crackdown on drugs” idea that did that to us, just like they ruined our middle-class economy.)

    Example of how this guy’s light punishment is thanks to NRA Republicans: He should have gotten 20 years just for the weapons offense (carrying a weapon while on heroine) – it’s a very serious offense, but protected by the malcontents and cowards of the NRA.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Beyond stupid bye bye..Since you mentioned Reagan, he used the coast guard to kick out ALL of THE CUBAN prisoners DEMOCRAT CARTER let illegally come to Florida..Reagan also fired all the deadbeat, lazy, UNION air traffic controllers and replaced them with Military..Efficiency went up and costs went down.You keep dodging me on Holder and Now yee BOTH DEMOCRATS caught selling illegal guns to crime bosses..Why? LIBERALS ARE HYPOCRITES! I know it, you know it, and anybody that reads this blog knows it.. that is all..

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