S. Illinois counties have highest concealed carry permit numbers

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PEORIA, Ill. (AP) _ A newspaper analysis shows two far-southern Illinois counties have the highest per-capita number of concealed carry applications.

The (Peoria) Journal Star reports (http://bit.ly/1hPFWWW) Hardin and White counties topped the state for the most concealed carry permit requests based on their population. Each county had a rate of 12.5 applications per 1,000 residents.

So far, 54 Hardin County residents have applied and 184 applications have come from White County residents.

Cook County, which is home to Chicago, had the least number of applications per-capita _ 2.3 per 1,000 residents. But the state’s most populated county led the state in simple numbers, with 12,027 applicants so far.

Illinois State Police began accepting permit applications in January. By early March, nearly 49,000 people had applied. The first permits were mailed this month.


  • don

    To both of the previous comments. 1st you don’t seriously consider Chicago to be civilized do you? To the second commentor this was not a new law this was a restablisment of the rights of Illinois citizens affirmed in the costitution. Mow both of you can go back to your crack dealing and carjacking. This isn’t about walking around like a cowboy which is the only mental picyure that you are able to come up with. The is about protecting ones self and family from the criminal acts of others.

  • George

    Of course Shitcago and Crook county are lowest per capita. All the left wingers have been carrying for years, why would they now go out and spend time and money on following the law when they have never done so in the past? Now how about reporting on how many of the felons and thugs carry illegally in these two locations. Yeah, I didn’t think so….

  • JDH

    ByeByeToTheRite…if you don’t live in chicago,you should and do vote for the democrat “control freaks” because you don’t have the guts to be responsible for yourself and accept the fact that others should do the same!
    You also have no idea individual rights are!

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