Clever clerk busted in lottery scheme

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Olivia Hoffschwelle

SUNSET HILLS, MO (KTVI) – St Louis County Prosecutors have charged a woman with stealing from her employer. Court documents allege that a gas station attendant was running an elaborate hoax involving the Missouri Lottery.

Olivia Hoffschwelle, 20, of St. Louis worked at the U-Gas Convenience store in the 10,000 block of Watson Road. Police say that Hoffschwelle would scan customer’s lottery tickets to confirm that they are winners. She would then pay the customers from the store’s cash register.

Investigators say she would mark the tickets in the computer under “inquiry”, which meant lottery workers would not know the tickets had been redeemed. Hoffschwelle then took the winning tickets to another store and redeemed them herself and pocketed the winnings. Prosecutors charge that the woman paid more than $500 to customers at the U-Gas, then turned around and redeemed $425.00 in winnings for herself.

Olivia Hoffschwelle has been charged with felony stealing.


  • Pamela Janssen

    Lotto sales/pay-outs should always be checked to the register. Somebody above her was slacking. It should have been caught the first time. The state provides a complete print-out of all transactions to the stores who sell the service. This is just dumb on the part of the company/owners/managers, and the employee.

  • Mellie

    This is more a stupid criminal story. Why risk(and get) a felony for a few bucks? Go for the big buck crimes, wall street style. One could even do better fencing inventory shrinkage.

  • L

    There has been several times when the cashier has told the person they did not win only to cash in the winning ticket later. This has happened in California, Virginia, and New York that I can think of.for millions of dollars. DO NOT TRUST NO ONE. And be sure to get a very reputable attorney to help with your legal working on this. They would not be above ripping you off either.

  • Dave

    That was just stupid! Not to mention, when you are being dishonest or deceitful, you will eventually get caught.

  • Don

    I know her boyfriend, I hope he breaks up with this thieving piece of shit. I know she was trash the moment I met her, told him so.

      • Go Olly

        Ur dumb. Leave them be. He knos if they r close. He is likely is with her and her family is too. People need comfort after they mess up. This person is only 20. She is no mastermind. She just fucked up. Leave her be and shame on making mistakes news.

      • Dale

        I know you wanted to “help” but you just used my first name on a site on an article about a girl I’m not even dating anymore. Plus you other guys? Ellen? Really? This is childish. Olivia fucked up. We all do. She will grow from it and she clearly is paying her dues. Leave me out of it. This is not news, its a record of a mistake that will just cause more harm. This is a sad article. Recall her age and just grow up yourselves. She is still becoming an adult. And public naming of third parties is just silly. Not to mention, I think bannable from most news sites.

  • kraftig

    The whole lottery thing is a scam, nothing good comes from it. So the way I see it , she’s a hero ! YOU GO GIRL

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