Damage from tough winter starting to show on plants

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OLIVETTE, MO (KTVI)-- If you've noticed a lot of your plants are dead or nearly dead, you're not alone.

After one of the toughest winters in recent memory, the damage done to trees and shrubs is beginning to show.

Two words really, don`t panic.

The Southern Magnolia is a good example of the damage from our wretched winter, but at Hartke Nursery, they know there is a big difference between looking dead and being dead.

At the Olivette cemetery, it is not just the dearly departed that have departed.

For a lot of green thumbs, winter has left behind a discouraging swath of brown or not.
Don Walls with Hartke Nursery says the damage is partly because of the cold and partly because of the wind, but mostly it's from a lack of moisture.

Although much of the damage is from a lack of moisture, trying to make up for it now may not help much and if you overwater it could make things worse.

The time to try to keep the ground around your plants wet is just before winter takes root.

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