Dog killed by another at Wentzville dog park

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI) - Imagine taking your dog to play in a dog park, then hold him, helplessly, as he takes his last breath, killed by another dog.

That’s exactly what happened at the Quail Ridge Dog Park in Wentzville Sunday afternoon.

Buddy was an eleven year-old Golden Retriever who loved people, and loved to play. “He was just full of life,” recalls his owner, Nick Andres, “and just loved everybody and wanted to greet everybody, and would run between your legs.”

But that life came to a tragic end on Sunday afternoon during a trip to Quail Ridge Dog Park. Buddy was happily playing when he was suddenly attacked by a Great Dane.

What happened next will be hard for Buddy’s family to ever forget. “His tongue was hanging out and it was blue, and I touched his eye and he didn’t blink. We just laid there with him for a while,” says Andres. Then, he and his family lovingly wrapped Buddy in blankets, placed him in their car, and took him to the funeral home next door to their vet.

Meanwhile, the owner of this Great Dane just took his dog and walked away. Andres says, “He saw me laying on my dog trying to get him back, and he didn’t stop and say hey man, I’m sorry, or say, can I help, or can I call somebody? Nothing. He just left.”

Now, St. Charles County Animal Control investigators are aggressively looking for this Great Dane and its owner. Meanwhile, those who visit this dog park regularly say they plan to be more vigilant.

Dog owner Katelin Todd says, “It surprises me. It makes me want to be more aware of what’s going on, and watching for aggressive dogs, and be more assertive with the owners that have those aggressive dogs.”

St. Charles County Parks Department Director Bettie Yahn-Kramer says dangerous dogs aren’t welcome in their dog parks, period: “Aggressive dogs are not to be introduced to the off-leash dog park areas. Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries their animal may cause.”

As for Andres and his family members, none of them plan to set foot in Quail Ridge—or any dog park—ever again. The memories are just too much to bear. Andres says, “I’m just not a fan of them, and now I’ll never be back, because I left on a Sunday afternoon with my dog, and I come home and I don’t have him and I miss him.”

Andres believes the Great Dane was with a man in a ball cap and Hurley sweatshirt, and a woman, who both looked to be in their mid-20s.

St. Charles County Parks Department is requesting that anyone that has video, pictures or information about the aggressive dog or its owner to contact St. Charles County Animal Control at (636) 949-7387.


  • TXAKCk

    This is so sad. That’s the problem with Dog Parks are aggressive dogs. We took our little Morkie first and last time in the small dog park area. An aggressive dog (I think a miniature greyhound) was chasing and nipping her. The owners thought it was frickin funny and cute. Some people are utterly clueless. I grabbed her up and glared at the people. I told my husband and daughter we are leaving. She got sick after that too. Dog Parks are nice idea until dogs get hurt by other dogs.

  • Dave

    For those that miss understand a dog park. They are leash free….which means LEASH FREE. Dog owners should know their dogs and what they are like around other dogs. Dogs on leashes prevents them from interacting how they should. I have three dogs. 2 I can take and let run all day long and one I wouldn’t dare take to a park she does not like smaller dogs. The point is know your dog and introducing them to other dogs in a dog park is NOT how you see how they are around other dogs!!

  • Tanya

    @Inci Pio the owner in question did not just allow the dog to attack buddy. Buddys owner is not telling the whole story of how he was no where near his dog at the time and that people where yelling at him and he waited till the fight was over to come see about the dog. I understand the pain he is going through about his dog passing away, and no it wasnt right for the owner to walk away but he did to keep from physical violence starting from buddys owner. if you take your dog to a dog park watch them closley and come right way if there is a problem not wait to come till there is no problem buddy might be alive today if he had got there and tried to break up the fight with my friends dog. Everyone else including my friend was where was buddys owner?

  • N/A

    Bryon Orzel

    I would like to start off by saying that I’m sorry for the lose of the golden retriever. But to every story there is always another side and this is my side.
    On the Sunday that this tragedy happen we were only at the dog park for maybe 15 mins. Zoe and Zeus were playing I was talking to another Dane owner when I looked over and seen my dog ( Zeus )
    Leaning against my girlfriend while she petted him. Then the dog (buddy) came up under Zeus belly and between his legs and nipped at his front paws. This in turn startled Zeus and they began to fight. My girlfriend tried to break it up and I immediately ran over( I was only 15 ft away) and took control of my dog.
    It got crazy another dog got in the fight and more guys came to help.
    I had Zeus in a choke hold the entire time and under my control while they tried to pull the other dog off buddy. The owner of buddy was not trying to help he ran down after the fight and while myself and other guys were in the middle of it. He screamed and yelled to get of his dog.
    When it was all over I was laying on top of Zeus and another gentleman was laying on top of another black dog screaming for the owners and no one was coming forward. Once that owner stepped up the gentleman that was laying on their dog starred getting extremely vulgar and aggressive towards the young dog owner. I got up an walked away with Zeus and left.
    Was that right to do probably not but at that time I thought a physical altercation was going to happen and for personal reasons avoided it.
    Buddy was still breathing when I left.
    I felt horrible and did not know that he died till the next day when my dog groomer called me about it not from seeing it on the news like everyone thinks.
    I went and turned myself in and Zeus after I talked to the dog groomer.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and make what ever irrational judgement they want but the truth in the matter is my dog Zeus is and was not a aggressive dog and I’m not a bad guy like I’m being made out to be. I’m a great father to some great girls with the two youngest being 5 and 8. If I would of ever thought my dog was a danger I would not bring him in my home. Zeus is a sweet baby.
    Thanks to all the support that we are getting from our friends and the rescue group I got Zeus from.
    Please share so my side can be told

  • Lloyd Braun

    Wow, look at all the comments for a dog attack story. Yet stories about murders of people in north city are hardly even seriously commented on at all. Amazing

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