Fox Files Preview: What would you do?

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(KTVI)- If you heard shots fired, knew the shooter was near you and you were not prepared, what would you do? Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes talks about Fox 2's special report that will help prepare you for all of the possibilities.

You cannot drill it into your head enough to know your surroundings. If you are at work, consider walking around and making sure you know about all the possible exits. You want to know which ways are dead ends and which hallways might give you several options for escape. And you want to avoid long hallways. You're going to want to find cross patterns where you can cut away from the potential line of fire.

Fox 2 was the only station to obtain this surveillance video from the Cherokee Street shooting. Four people died - including the shooter - last June. This video we obtained exclusively, shows exactly why it is so important you think about what you would do if confronted by a shooter. The victims in this case were trapped in a small room with limited ways to escape.

Fox 2 worked with a preparedness trainer in a lifelike drill. This drill gave workers the chance to practice their response. It felt so real, that some workers described feeling panicked, which weighed into their responses. Since it was a practice, they could learn from their mistakes so that if the worst does happen, they can think about other options.

You will see more of the exclusive video we obtained of the Cherokee shooting and we will take you  through the complete work place training that will make you feel like you are there. We also talk to several experts about things we hope will get you thinking - what would you do? That report will air during Fox 2's 9 p.m. news on March 31.


  • tiredofourgovernment

    I carry a gun anywhere and everywhere that I can the same as my wife. I am always aware of my surroundings, exits, emergency exits, so and and so forth.
    If I am ever in an establishment where someone comes in and starts shooting I will be prepared.
    All of the anti-gun freaks don’t think that a firearm can save a life, look at the books where it actually has.I didn’t get the training to carry my pistol with me just to leave it at home all of the time and become a helpless victim! I refuse to be one, and my wife is the same way.
    You just never know what your going to walk into or what’s going to happen when you walk out of the grocery store and it’s dark.
    Wake up folks the dangers are out there whether you want to believe it or not, get the training and protect yourself, either with a firearm or self-defense training.

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