Granite City man charged for 6th time driving with a revoked license

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KTVI) – The Madison County Circuit Court has charged 52-year-old Jeffrey A. Martin with driving while license revoked.

Martin was pulled over on a traffic stop on March 30th just after 7 pm for improper lane usage. The officer patrol noticed that Martin was driving on an revoked license and had a felony warrant out for his arrest for driving while license revoked.

Martin license had been revoked for a 1987 conviction for driving under the influence.

He’s previously been convicted of 6 separate driving while license revoked in February 1989, March 1989, December 1980, September 1990 and April 1993.

Martin’s bond has been set at $45,000, along with receiving a citation for improper lane usage.


  • Michael Margulis

    licenses are dumb, if you’re rich you can keep points off your licenses, if you’re poor you lose it, then if you get caught driving without one, they give you 12 points and you lose it for more years, meanwhile, people like me that can afford lawyers have 27 improper muffler charges and drive everyday. Or you can just ride a bicycle down the highway, which is perfectly legal and does not require a license, and you’re exempt from the min speed limit….i hate the world

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