Kindergarten girl becomes victim of cyber bullying after trip to Walmart

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SENECA, SC (WHNS) — An Upstate family is outraged and looking for answers after they say their kindergartner became the victim of cyber bullying.

The family says it all started at the Seneca Walmart, when the young girl’s picture was snapped by another customer. They say the man then posted it online to social media as a joke.

That picture is now being shared throughout the community. It was posted unedited, showing a clear view of the 6-year-old’s face with the words “Honey Boo-Boo at Walmart.”

“I was very shocked to see it’s my cousin,” said family member Briana Smith. “He wants to put a kid that’s 6 years old with health problems out there about her weight and make fun of her? And that’s not right.”

Family says seeing the likes, reading the comments on the poster’s page makes it worse. They say, this is a joke they don’t find funny at all. They said the little girl is dealing with health issues related to her weight and now feels very uncomfortable.

“Before she goes out in public, she tries on different outfits because she feels like she’s too big,” said Smith.

At this time, FOX Carolina is not revealing the name of the man who’s accused of taking the picture because he’s not been charged or accused of any crime. FOX did reach out to the man, but he has not responded to our request for comment.

By Nikki Davidson


  • thatguywiththeface

    Their will be no charges its Freedom of speech I agree the joke was in bad taste though

    • Cathy

      It very well may be against the law. The government created laws to protect children from being photographed with the intentions of posting it to a social media website via the World Wide Web. The parents can also submit a request to facebook to ask that the picture be removed. However if any other user “stole” the picture from the man’s page there is nothing that can be done. The damage is already done.

      Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule also known as COPPA states this man indeed did break the law, since he has no legal right to post the picture online. (in other words, he is not her parent) So when he submitted the photo (and agreed like we all do, even though I don’t know a single person who has actually read the rules and agreement policies on facebook) he broke the law.

  • Jacob Aud

    (Proverbs 26:18-19)
    Just like someone mad that is shooting fiery missiles, arrows and death, 19 so is the man that has tricked his fellowman and has said: “Was I not having fun?”

    • Jacob Aud

      Young People Ask . . . Aren’t Practical Jokes Harmless Fun?

      IT WAS just a joke. The boys responsible were doubled over with laughter. They had tied some oil drums together, placed fins on one end, and painted the whole contraption white. On its side were the letters “C.C.C.P.”—the Cyrillic-alphabet initials for the Soviet Union. They placed it near the house of a man named Ted. Next morning, in a state of shock, he called the police, reporting that a Soviet missile had landed near his home. But while he was talking excitedly to one of the officers who arrived to investigate, the joke turned sour. Ted collapsed and was hospitalized in critical condition.

      True, not every practical joke will put a person in the hospital, but imagine how you would feel if you were responsible for such a mishap—just because you wanted a little fun. Practical jokes are popular with many young people, who for the most part see no harm in them and consider them a lot of fun. But is this really so?

      “Like a Lunatic”

      The Bible book of Proverbs was written “to give to the inexperienced ones shrewdness, to a young man knowledge and thinking ability.” (Proverbs 1:1-4) Its wise sayings include this passage dealing with practical jokes: “Just like someone mad that is shooting fiery missiles, arrows and death, so is the man that has tricked his fellowman and has said: ‘Was I not having fun?’” (Proverbs 26:18, 19) The word “mad” has reference to someone who is insane. “Like a lunatic” is how A New Translation of the Bible by James Moffatt reads.

      Imagine the damage to life and property inflicted by a mentally deranged person shooting arrows—even some with fiery tips! “A lunatic” may not fully comprehend the seriousness of his actions. He is devoid of reason. Similarly, those who ‘trick’ others may not really intend to cause harm. This, however, is small consolation to those injured either physically or emotionally by such pranks. Why, then, do some play such jokes on others?

      The proverb gave the excuse as, “Was I not having fun?” So usually it is done for fun, to dispel boredom, or to get attention from others. Also, according to the book Childstress! by Mary Susan Miller, practical jokes are listed as one of the “Neurotic Defenses” employed by some children and adults in response to stress. Still others play jokes in retaliation for being a victim of someone else’s pranks. Of course, by continuing the cycle of foolishness, a youth simply brings himself down to the level of the instigator. The smart move is to refuse to play practical jokes.

      How to Stop

      Ask yourself: “Would I want someone to do the same thing to me?” Jesus said: “All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must likewise do to them.” (Matthew 7:12) The Bible encourages fellow feeling and tender compassion, and it discourages paying back injury for injury. (1 Peter 3:8, 9) Developing such kindly qualities will not only prevent you from pulling practical jokes on others but also endear you to others. The jokester may get the laughs, but you will gain the friends.

      Also, you have to watch the kind of persons with whom you associate. “I have not sat down in the intimate group of those playing jokes,” said the prophet Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 15:17) It is easy to be influenced by our companions. Avoid those who have a reputation for being jokesters.

      “I wanted to be accepted very much by the kids I hung around with at school, so I could have someone to have fun with,” admitted Debbie as she reflected on her trouble-filled life as a teenager. She explained why she did some very foolish things: “Because it was funny. Everything had to be funny. I didn’t think about how this would affect the future or that I would one day look back and think of the scars.” Such constant clowning did not make her really happy. It was as Proverbs 14:13 said: “Even in laughter the heart may be in pain.” Finally she saw the foolishness of her course of life and made a decision to live by the principles of the Bible. The genuine happiness she has now is far superior to the fleeting laughs from her practical jokes.

      So are practical jokes harmless fun? The Bible, as well as countless sad experiences, answers no. Don’t let such a quest for “fun” sidetrack you from accomplishing fine goals in life. “Foolishness is fun to a stupid person, but an intelligent person forges straight ahead.”—Proverbs 15:21, The Holy Bible in the Language of Today, by W. F. Beck.

      [Picture on page 13]

      The jokester may get the laughs, but who will gain the friends?

      AWAKE! 1986 9/22 pp. 12-13 Aren’t Practical Jokes Harmless Fun? ***


  • pia

    Not to be mean, but the six yr old did not have to be told hey honey you’re on social media being made fun of…like how did she know. Maybe they (parents) could have protected her feelinhs a lot better. For the person that snaped the pic not cool at all! Ppl have a hard enough time dealing with societies idea of beauty and to be singled out is definitely not okay you’re over 18urs old meaning you know it was wrong. Grow up!!!

    • Aud

      I agree 100%! Yes, this was very wrong to do, but HOW did a KINDERGARTNER find and read the rude comments? Poor judgement on BOTH parties parts! I would NEVER allow my children to hear or see anything like that!

    • Krista

      That’s what I want to know… how did she find out about it??? My 2 and 3 year old have no idea what I’m looking at on Facebook, and I don’t see why a kindergartner would know what their parents were looking at either o.O

  • kellohme

    How does the 6 year old even know it’s on social media? Really? Even when your child has asthma or other health concerns that may cause weight, you as the parent need to monitor their food intake and teach them control. Even if it means saying no to a “starving”plea. But that doesn’t matter…how does a6 year old learn about a photo on social media… really who shows a 6 year old that and tells them what that means… seriously. Quit finding other people to blame for your actions. The adult who showed the child is the one who caused the child the negative effects. What the adult who found the pic posted should have done, was report it silently. Shame you for showing the child.

  • Nancy

    Hmmm…I read the name and profession of the person who posted this in another article that said he was affiliated with a school….like an assistant principal I think. I have never been a fan of “practical jokes” because usually someone ends up hurt or made a fool of and I don’t find either very funny…..if I comes out that he is a grown man working for the school district…shame on him.

  • Mary

    You don’t post pics online of young children that are not your own! I’d be ticked if it had been my baby.

  • How about the Source?

    Why not go all the way to the source and show some outrage at the Show’s creators and the family itself for glorifying the way of life of a whole family of overweight hicks? Slam them a bit for making others that have legitimate weight problems easier targets. After seeing just one episode of that show you know that they are all responsible for their own weight problems, and yet exploit that for money at the expense of others that can’t help their weight issues for various reasons. I click past that show as fast as I can, not because their body types disgust me (I’m heavy too) but because they are ignorant fools glorifying their gluttony for a little bit of infamy and a paycheck. It is definitely NOT an empowering show, other than to empower others with the body beautiful to scorn them and others who don’t fit the perfect mold.

  • Shelly

    The man hasn’t been accused or charged of any crime? Isn’t it a crime to take a photo of a child that is not your own, and post it for the public to see, without permission from their parent? I always thought was against the law.

  • Defo

    Here’s a question to think about though…if a major television channel SELLS a show on TV that is truly making fun of the real Honey Boo Boo – partially because she (and her family no less) is overweight, redneck, etc….then how is the general public that watches that show and finds that humor amusing, NOT see the difference between the show and snapping a FB photo of a young girl that looks similar in size, age, etc? I don’t personally think the show or this guy’s humor is right one bit, but when its easily acceptable on TV, I think people tend to get a slurred version of what is acceptable to do in public and real life.

    • Summer

      Hallelujah! If that family receives a large settlement for this “cyberbullying” incident I will be so ticked! The fact that the show exists at all practically encourages this sort of behavior. Has everyone forgotten what TLC even stands for?

  • antiGay

    Well then maybe the parents shouldn’t take her in public until she loses some weight. “Health problems” yeah, obesity is a health problem, but that’s the parents fault. Wahh wahh wahhhhh. These fat Americans need to take some responsibility instead of blaming others.

  • antiGay

    Obesity is a health issue but 1) good parents don’t let their children constantly eat, 2) it’s the parents fault for letting her get this big, 3) don’t bring her in public because people judge. All if you saying this was “mean” probably would have thought the same thing the guy did but kept it to yourselves. Judgement is judgement no matter what.

  • Ellen

    Publish the victims family names but not the jerk who did this?! Stupid backwards culture we live in.

  • Dana Smith

    There is a lawsuit available for this child, and it is called “defamation of character”. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when you do something that damages a person’s life is totally different and posting the pic is just the evidence this child’s parents needed to file suit against this slob that took the pic and posted it. I only hope that they get an attorney who will be looking out for the child’s best interest and put the money she will win, in a “trust fund” for the child to have when she is old enough to be able to use it for her personal needs, and not handed over to her parents, she is the one who is going to endure the “pain and suffering” this joke has caused her, not her parents and she is the only one who should benefit from the settlement from a law suit.

    • Susan Vorbeck

      This is not a defamation of character suit. Defamation of character “is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation.” Hurt feelings don’t count. In fact, there probably isn’t any lawsuit, not even child privacy laws that will be applicable in this instance. Unfortunately, being an ahole isn’t grounds for a suit.

  • adam adams

    After dealing with our negighbors who are constantly taking pictures of our cars in our driveway, our house, us on our porch, our friends etc etc etc etc, the pictures they take are on public land and the police keep telling us there is nothing they can do because we are out in the open (on our land) and they are on public land (the street). Our childrens pictures are taken as well and still nothing can be done. How this works for walmart who knows, everyone can change the wording on if it is public or private. in the end it was wrong to do this so why not go after the guy directly who posted the picture of the little girl?

  • Missy

    First: I have a question for you all, How would you feel if this was your child and she suffered from a health issue and wasn’t just overweight but had something seriously wrong. SHE IS SIX!!!!

    My niece gained weight when she was going through Chemo for her Cancer, guess she should have been put on a diet so that she didn’t get bigger, are you kidding me… Grow up people…

    I agree with Mallie 100% that a health condition could be the cause of her size.. I also agree that people should not be judging this little girl.

    The man taking this photo and posting it online should be charged, Pedophiles go around taking kids photos. Besides there is a law against posting photos of children that are not your own. I think he should lose everything he has and will ever have, this man has done damage to this little girl..

    And for those of you asking how the little girl found out, she could have overheard her parents talking, someone at school could have seen it and made a comment to her about it.

    You should never judge other people unless you know exactly what is going on in their life, what has happened to them, So as the saying goes, unless you have walked a mile in their shoes Don’t Judge.

  • Kate

    All jokes aside, that little girl has breasts. She is so over-weight that she has breasts. Why don’t we focus a little more attention on getting her healthy?

  • No Jaun

    I hope someone rearranges this guys face and puts the photos on line. That should be good for yuck as well.

  • Kyle Nelson

    I hear this a lot, a medical condition makes me fat. I know what you’re trying to say, 2 people sit down and eat a pie, but one gains weight and the other doesn’t. Truth is, the person who gained weight should have eaten a half of pie.

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