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Missouri House passes drivers’ license renewal change

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) – Missouri drivers would not need to show birth certificates or other source documents when renewing their licenses under legislation passed by the state House.

The bill was approved with a 135-10 vote on Monday and now heads to the Senate.

Under the measure, only a reasonable belief of fraud could cause drivers to be required upon renewal to show license clerks documents that prove lawful residence and citizenship.

Supporters say the bill makes renewals easier and that drivers already had to show source documents to get their license the first time. Some opponents argued the measure could make it easier to commit fraud.

Republican Rep. Stanley Cox, of Sedalia, is th legislation’s sponsor.


Drivers’ licenses is HB1447



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  • adam adams

    because there is so much fraud going on right now with the renewal of a drivers license in which they see your old drivers license. there will always be opponents to anything a democrat or a republican does. Just report that the state of Missouri has taken initiative to make this happen.

  • Kevin

    the fraud starts at the Missouri D.M.V. at the Wentzville office. I was overcharged for license plates and title transfer. When I complained the clerk cussed and yelled at me, The clerk gave me a fictious name. I sopped payment on that check. I went to Ofallon, Mo. D.M.V. and told the clerk there what had happened, she said the name tht clerk in Wentzville gave me was HER NAME! Needless to say she called Wentzville D.M.V. to straighten out her name in this and sold me license plates and registration.

  • Lloyd Braun

    This is an attempt to limit eligible voters on the voting rolls and to make it more difficult for noncitizens to drive a car. My guess is that a conservative sponsored this.

  • J

    Non citizens shouldn’t be allowed to drive. And why shouldn’t you have to use a ID card to prove who you are at the voting polls? That would eliminate voter fraud.

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